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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Running In the Zone or Zoned Out?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of freedom while driving along the highway with the windows down music playing with a cool breeze blowing in your face and you forget you were driving?

I can understand doing that in a seated position but, it still amazes me when it happens on a run.

I'll switch up between running to music or simply going unplugged and "zoning out" has occurs on both.

Lately I've been running I'm my Hoka's and I thought maybe it was the luxurious cushioned ride that causes me to get loss on the trail.  

So I decided to switch it up after receiving pressure and screams from the shoes in my closet clamoring for time on the asphalt.

With yesterday being Fast Tuesday, my weekly challenge was on tap.

I decided to go with The NorthFace Ultra Trail.  My Garmin was charged and I left my iPod Shuffle in over night so that should have been charged, but that wasn't the case.

However, it did help get me "in the zone".  After the music quit I relied on my breathing pattern, arms and feet tapping the street to keep me in sync with my targeted pace.

There was a point when I glanced at my watch and I was running a smooth 7:15 and it wasn't a struggle.  Shortly after that I noticed a change in my pace.  Below is a break down by mile.

Lap1: 8:13
Lap2: 7:30
Lap3: 7:59
Lap4: 8:00
Lap5: 7:43

I find that there's this fine line were I'm in the Zone on the road where everything is clicking and I'm not giving thought to what I'm doing it's just a flow-in word effortless.  I'm looking forward to being able to stay tuned in for the duration where I don't "zone out" for miles then when I come to I realize I could have been running faster.  A place where hills are perceived as speed bumps and my electronic devices last for the duration without a hitch.

On another note the Quadballer and lacrosse balls are paying huge dividends toward increasing my hip and ankle flexibility.  Watch out RNRPhilly, Hartford and MCM...


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