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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Challenge UR Self & Celebrate Victories & Dafeets

Running is enjoyable to all by itself, it doesn't matter if it's race day or training.  Sure the stakes are higher on race day.  You're amped and ready to fly!  But that doesn't diminish the simple satisfaction received during a training run.

On my quest to BQ I decided to inject some friendly competition.

Last week "The Ox Man" defeated "The Sole Man" by over 2mins.  It's in my nature not to settle or be defeated by whatever obstacles or challenges present themselves along life's pavement.

Set backs on the road to success cause you to reflect and adjust accordingly, with that in mind I geared up and got ready kick some serious asphalt!

Sure 2 20oz bottles for a 5mi run might be considered a bit much, sorta like killing an ant with a sledge hammer.  I had my reasons though, I wanted to test my Ultimate Direction AK Vest.

I was in the market for a vest and decided to try "The Orange Mudd HydraQuiver".  After my 13mi LSD on Sunday I realized the Mudd wasn't going to be a good fit for me.  So I returned it.

Don't get me wrong the HydraQuiver is a great product, functionally it was frustrating for me trying to maintain my pace, grab a squig, and replace the bottle.

The AK has been around for few years and Steve at the "Run Bulldog Blog" reviewed it's big brother the Ultimate Direction Sj Vest 2.0.  The UD AK is a light weight minimal vest that comes with 2 20oz bottles, 2 pouches for GU's, Gel Shots and a bladder in the back if you desire.

The quick access to hydration made it easy for me to focus on the run.  I set my virtual racer and was off races.  Before my heart rate could even elevate I had to stop at the red light.  Tic tock... tic tock... Usually I make the light, now I have to play catch up.

My Garmin reminded me I was behind as if I wasn't able to figure it out on my own, duh.  I solved that problem by switching the screen.  The next alert I received told me I was ahead.  Now all I have to do is maintain that pace and figure out how to get more fluid to flow from the bottle.  

Oh you've got to pull up the spout.  Lol. It only took me 2 miles to figure it out.  In the end "The Sole Man" beat "The Ox Man" by 2:10.  In "Victory or Dafeet" celebrate and give yourself a treat.  

How do you challenge and reward yourself on the run?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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