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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Put UR LSD Runs to The Biggie Test

Huh? What's the "Biggie Test"?  It's typically agreed that your LSD Runs should be done at a conversational pace.

Ok that's great if your running with a group and you have someone to hold a conversation with, but what if your running alone? How would you use the conversational pace principle?  Hold that thought.

Sure you can use your Garmin or your internal clock. McMillian Running, Competitor Runner's World and Competive Runner offer specific practical information from different schools of thought on going long. 

You'll notice common themes such as fueling the night before and the morning of your LSD run.

Enter the "Biggie Test" if you're alone on the run try singing along with one of your favorite songs.  The thought dawned on me while I was running, "my song" was playing and I started signing along.  Biggie's "slow flow was remarkable" so I figured if could rap along without huffing and puffing that would be considered conversational pace. Lol.  

In all seriousness your LSD should be 1:30-3:00min slower than your MP.  It should be slow and not hinder your performance the following week.

In addition to spending time on my feet for my marathon training I use my LSD runs to test kicks, fueling and hydration options.

On the menu today was huma chia and GU.  The Carmel Salted GU wasn't bad but, I preferred the taste of huma chia-it was easier going down and didn't remind me of my Castor oil/honey ritual every Saturday morning growing up in Brooklyn.  Yuck!!!

22 ᗰIᒪEᔕ TOᗪᗩY ᑎᑌᑌᑎ✔ ᗯᗩTEᖇ✔ ᔕᗩᒪT Tᗩᗷᔕ✔ Gᑌ✔ ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ✔... OK ᗯE'ᖇE GOOᗪ 2 GO!!!

A buddy suggested salt tabs, so while at Fleet Feet Sports on Saturday I picked some up to test.  One of the seasoned associates told me that he uses them and found that it helps him digest the energy gels.  The combo of fuel, hydration and salt tabs worked well today on the run.

Y'all know by now how much I love a sale and sneakers; well while at REI I resisted the urge to buy a pair of Hoka Bondi 3 for $100, but I snagged some Salmon Endurance Tights.  

I was geared up and ready to go!  Did I mention how the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 Performed? No.  No complaints, which means they will be getting the nod for #RNRPhilly.

22miles got served for lunch today!  I gauge the success of today's run on how I felt during the run more importantly how I was feeling afterwards.  Mentally and physically strong.  I picked up the pace on the last miles slightly.  

When I received the last alert I wasn't huffing and puffing thanking God it was finally over; I stopped saved the run and walked .50mile back to my car.  Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to be able to run-(I know where my strength comes from).

How do you measure the success of your runs? 


Friday, August 29, 2014

Adidas Boston Boost 5 Review

In this corner we have the highly anticipated Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5, weighing in at 9oz for (M) and 7.7oz for  (W).

Featuring a 29.8mm heel and a 20.4mm forefront; making this the lowest profile Boston to date with a ruffly 9.4 offset-(let's call it 10mm drop).

The Adidas Adizeo Boston Boost 5 is a strong contender for the number one spot in my line up. 

Boston Strong 

I shared my initial impressions earlier in the week after a 9mile run.  Today I took the Boston Boost 5 out for a 10mile spin that was completed in 1:21:32 with an avg pace of 8:09.  Now I'm not a speed demon but I felt like one running in Boston-a guy can run dream. 

The most significant feature of the Boston 5 is the Energy Boost mid sole Adidas created.  The sole consists of small capsules that resemble Styrofoam.  The polyurethane foam is fused together with high pressure steam, and was designed to maximize energy return.

Boston Strong 
And you certainly get an energy return with every foot strike. The blended EVA Energy Boost in the forefoot was welcomed guest on my run.

Boston Strong 
Runner's World bottom line about the Boston Boost 5 in their June issue was: "A sound choice for tempo runs and race day".

Boston Strong 
After today's 10mile run I'd echo their sentiments.  The mid sole in the Boston felt firm yet responsive with a bouncy heel that helps to take the edge off on the down hills.

Boston Strong 

Thinner/Lighter than it's predecessor 
Simply Elegant Upper Design
Sweet Spot Price Point
Continental Rubber Sole Awesome Traction

Heel Cup 
Hidden Boston Logo-(no worries it won't impact your performance)
Some may consider it narrow.

Boston Strong 
I've got my 20mi long run scheduled Sunday.  And if things go as planned I'll run #RNRPhilly in the Boston Boost 5.  Afterwards it will come down to decided what to wear in Hartford.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adidas Boston Boost 5 Initial Impressions

We all have our favorite shoe that we can't wait till it's released.  Some sneaker heads start lining up the nite before to ensure they cop their wish list kicks.

It's not that serious for me.  Although I will say I was looking forward to the launch of the Boston Boost 5.  After running a few Marathons in the B3 l fell I love with the ride.  So it was only natural for me to find the BB5 appealing. 

I couldn't wait to see how the addition of the "Boost Capsules" would impact the ride of one my favorite marathon shoes.  I wasn't a fan of the B4.  The changes in the upper coupled with the boost capsules has brought me back into the fold.

Boston Strong 
After spending 9miles on the road today I throughly enjoyed the ride.  But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself though.

Starting with the upper Adidas kept it simple with a lite breathable upper trimmed with a synthetic suede toe cap.

This shoe "pops" right out the box from the moment you flip back the black wrapping paper and reveal the ultra bright solred/blk BB5 you know you're going to be in for a treat.

I felt like Adidas went coach when it came to the heel counter in the BB5  and first class in the Adios Boost 2. Sam Winebaum alluded to this in his review of the BB5-(he was fortunate enough to score a pair in April at the Boston Marathon).  

Boston Strong 
Don't get me wrong it's not flimsy, it's just not as ridged as compared to the Adios Boost 2. On the under carriage there's a small torsion system that doesn't extend the full base of the shoe.

Boston Strong 
According to the Runner's World review in June, the heel cushioning was soft, the forefoot cushioning was middle of the road in terms of flexibility the BB5 was rated 60% slightly above avg.

One of the cool features of the BB5 is the Boston Marathon logo that's tucked away under the tongue.

Boston Strong 
For the past few months I've been training and racing maxi cushioned shoes, yesterday I stepped out in NorthFace Ultra Trail and today I did 9mi in the BB5.  

Obviously there's less shoe in the BB5 as compared to a Hoka or Altra but, there is plenty of support underfoot to carry you safely through a marathon.

Landing on the forefoot you can feel a firm stable responsive pop. I had to force myself to heel strike in order to test the feel of the boost material.  No worries heel strikers you can pound safely away till your hearts content. The BB5 has adequate cushioning and plush ride that eases the transition from heel strike to toe off.

With 9miles and 6 800's today the BB5 didn't disappoint me on the trail.  The BB5 will be spending more time with me on the road to #RNRPHILLY, #Hartford and #MCM.


Running In the Zone or Zoned Out?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of freedom while driving along the highway with the windows down music playing with a cool breeze blowing in your face and you forget you were driving?

I can understand doing that in a seated position but, it still amazes me when it happens on a run.

I'll switch up between running to music or simply going unplugged and "zoning out" has occurs on both.

Lately I've been running I'm my Hoka's and I thought maybe it was the luxurious cushioned ride that causes me to get loss on the trail.  

So I decided to switch it up after receiving pressure and screams from the shoes in my closet clamoring for time on the asphalt.

With yesterday being Fast Tuesday, my weekly challenge was on tap.

I decided to go with The NorthFace Ultra Trail.  My Garmin was charged and I left my iPod Shuffle in over night so that should have been charged, but that wasn't the case.

However, it did help get me "in the zone".  After the music quit I relied on my breathing pattern, arms and feet tapping the street to keep me in sync with my targeted pace.

There was a point when I glanced at my watch and I was running a smooth 7:15 and it wasn't a struggle.  Shortly after that I noticed a change in my pace.  Below is a break down by mile.

Lap1: 8:13
Lap2: 7:30
Lap3: 7:59
Lap4: 8:00
Lap5: 7:43

I find that there's this fine line were I'm in the Zone on the road where everything is clicking and I'm not giving thought to what I'm doing it's just a flow-in word effortless.  I'm looking forward to being able to stay tuned in for the duration where I don't "zone out" for miles then when I come to I realize I could have been running faster.  A place where hills are perceived as speed bumps and my electronic devices last for the duration without a hitch.

On another note the Quadballer and lacrosse balls are paying huge dividends toward increasing my hip and ankle flexibility.  Watch out RNRPhilly, Hartford and MCM...


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Running Withdrawal Symptoms... Monday Blues...

Have you ever tried quitting coffee or skipped a day and ended up with a headache? 

I felt that way yesterday when I didn't run.  I was feigning for some miles, but I stuck to the training script.

For those that have been following my BQ journey from day one thank you I appreciate your support and those who are new welcome thanks for joining.  

At least 3 days out of the week I incorporate strength training into my marathon training plan.  A few weeks back I came across a book in BN entitled "Quick Strength For Runners"; I'm on currently on week 3 of the 8 week program.  I introduced Quick Strength in Silver Lining Playbook 9mi Run

Each week builds on the previous weeks work.

It's a quick 30min work out that can be done at home or gym.

The fire hydrants kicked my butt when first started this week windshield wipers cleaned my clock.

I got through the work out with grunts and smiles.  I'm looking forward to my weekly 5mi challenge on "Fast Tuesdays" it gives me an opportunity to gauge my performance.  

It's official I registered for RNR Philly as a tune up for Hartford. I'm getting ready to...

After Hartford I'll be heading to DC for MCM.  I was able to score a BIB through the transfer process.

What runs are on you calendar?  Let me know share your results and training tips I'd love to hear from you.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

TheraRun I take it for my Sanity & Do it 4 Da Love of It..

Powerful Relief from your most stressful bouts with depression or bipolar symptoms use TheraRun on a regular basis.  TheraRun can curb multi-symptoms that lead to you to misinterpret your present temporary situation.

You don't have to continue to be knocked around in the ring of life.  You can take control with TheraRun and stop getting sucker punched.  I'm not only a TheraRun Ambassador I'm a customer.

We all have our own personal battles and those close to us are well aware of them.  The recent passing of Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman caused me to realize how grateful I am for TheraRun. 

A few weeks back I jotted random thoughts down and sent them to Yvonne-(my sister) who over the years has become my sounding board.  I love that lady!!! 

I entitled the piece "Thoughts from the Throne". Don't worry I'm not going to post a pic of that moment in time.  Lol... Just a view from today's 19mile run.  My trail Rocks!!!

Back to "Thoughts from the Throne", I got a secret I can't tell but, sometimes it feels like I'm living in hell.  When jokes are made I cringe wondering if they know about the secret within. Does it show up on my face?  If I say something will I be tagged in disgrace?

But, am I scared or ashamed to tell about the hell?  Funny when a celebrity takes their life we're left shocked and amazed standing around in a daze wondering why? 

Then we quip, they must have been hurting.  Depression, Bipolar Mental Health are real; it's not a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.  It's an internal ride that's dismal at times which many travel alone every moment of their lives. 

It's chic to talk about mental health for a few days then it's back to the crazy chatter.  Normal ain't for me.  I wonder if they know about my secret.  I find therapy on the trail or on the road.  I ignore the chatter, I prefer to listen to the pitter patter of my feet keeping time with the beat.

Today's run was sponsored by TheraRun, fueled by Nuun/GU and dedicated to everyone that struggles with mental health issues, just know there's hope.  There's no reason to be ashamed we were created this way.

Disclaimer "TheraRun" alone may not be enough to treat your symptoms if that's the case you should seek professional assistance.  

"TheraRun" I take it for my sanity and do it for the love of it.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stretching... You Mean I Gotta Make Time For That?

Oh how I dreaded suicide drills, running laps around the gym jumping jacks and stretching when I played CYO Basket Ball at St Peters Clavers in Brooklyn.

Half of our time was spent warming up practicing jump shots and running plays before we actually played a lick of ball.

Now that I run on a regular I remind myself that warming up, performing drills and stretching may not be as much fun as actually running a race but, they play a critical part of my performance come race day.

With 48 days to go before The Hartford Marathon the excitement is starting build, I'm considering tossing in a Half Marathon between now and then as a tune up race.  Who knows maybe I'll do RNR Philly.

I hit the track earlier this week for a workout on the stadium stairs.  

Everyone deserves their Rocky Moment and today was mine, feeling like a rock star!!

After the stadium stairs Thursday, I did my 9miles on the trail. What a comedy of errors to get started, I forgot my foot pod at home and made a u-turn for it because I like the numbers.  

I thought I was charging my watch while I was having a bagel in DD.  Ooops that wasn't the case I didn't find that out until I returned to the trail for the 2nd time.  Lucky I used my laptop charge my watch and completed my run.  Well at least I got a good warm up and stretch in before my run. 

See the details on Garmin Connect.

Today was a rest day.  I spent the first part of the day at Fleet Feet Sports they were having a Hip & Ankle Flexibility Clinic. Good stuff I shouldn't have worn jeans.  

It's all good though I picked up some new foam rolling techniques, while doing the demonstration on the sidewalk in Stamford.

In the end I picked up the Quadballer and the owner of Fleet Feet Sports of Stamford-(Troy Burks) was kind enough to threw in the DVD's for FREE.  If you live in the CT area you've gotta come down and check them out, they're  simply Awesome!!! I spent the rest of the day hydrating and relaxing.

Stamford has a little piece of NYC flavor to it, this Bull takes up more than half the sidewalk.

Well its back to the trail on Sunday for my long run.  Let me know what races you ran this weekend and what which ones you have coming up.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Don't Forget The End Run

Some days I feel less than enthusiastic about heading out for a run.  The feeling usually doesn't hoover long, it's more of a fleeting whisper which says you deserve a break today.

Once I remind myself of the end run I lace up my kicks and get ready to hit the bricks.

How do you get your "ask muscles" in 5th gear and stay on course?  For me it's a reminder of my quest to BQ. 

My target number today was 9miles straight no chaser.  No problem I could bang that out with two shots on The Hamden Trail 4.5miles down and back.

The plan was to wait until it cooled off, then get after it later.  Meanwhile, back at the getting ready to run ranch, I thought I saw something on the road yesterday and wanted to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  Yikes!!!

You can't make this stuff up but, you better watch your step.  After my confirmed snake siting I popped into Marshall's to see if there were any #FabFound's and sure enough the cow bells sounded.  Ding ding ding... 

I watched these Merrell's drop from $49 down to $25, they'll make a great gym "sneek".  Have you every played the game how low will they go?

My Merrell's came in handy today for week two of my strength training routine.  The goal of week two is to help improve balance.  I shot the publishers an email suggesting they create an app, in this way you could bring the workout with you to the gym.  

It was a solid run today, one that makes you scream when your done. "Yeah baby another one in the book"  9miles in 1:15 with an avg pace of 8:23-(Garmin Connect for Details)

There was another #Fabfound at Marshall's, this one was certain to help me cook up some cool relief.  

I'm just not ready for an ice bath.  Ouch be gone! allows you to dip your toes in an ice bath and speed up recovery, without getting wet?

I'll try embracing an ice bath one day.