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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adidas Boston Boost 5 Initial Impressions

We all have our favorite shoe that we can't wait till it's released.  Some sneaker heads start lining up the nite before to ensure they cop their wish list kicks.

It's not that serious for me.  Although I will say I was looking forward to the launch of the Boston Boost 5.  After running a few Marathons in the B3 l fell I love with the ride.  So it was only natural for me to find the BB5 appealing. 

I couldn't wait to see how the addition of the "Boost Capsules" would impact the ride of one my favorite marathon shoes.  I wasn't a fan of the B4.  The changes in the upper coupled with the boost capsules has brought me back into the fold.

Boston Strong 
After spending 9miles on the road today I throughly enjoyed the ride.  But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself though.

Starting with the upper Adidas kept it simple with a lite breathable upper trimmed with a synthetic suede toe cap.

This shoe "pops" right out the box from the moment you flip back the black wrapping paper and reveal the ultra bright solred/blk BB5 you know you're going to be in for a treat.

I felt like Adidas went coach when it came to the heel counter in the BB5  and first class in the Adios Boost 2. Sam Winebaum alluded to this in his review of the BB5-(he was fortunate enough to score a pair in April at the Boston Marathon).  

Boston Strong 
Don't get me wrong it's not flimsy, it's just not as ridged as compared to the Adios Boost 2. On the under carriage there's a small torsion system that doesn't extend the full base of the shoe.

Boston Strong 
According to the Runner's World review in June, the heel cushioning was soft, the forefoot cushioning was middle of the road in terms of flexibility the BB5 was rated 60% slightly above avg.

One of the cool features of the BB5 is the Boston Marathon logo that's tucked away under the tongue.

Boston Strong 
For the past few months I've been training and racing maxi cushioned shoes, yesterday I stepped out in NorthFace Ultra Trail and today I did 9mi in the BB5.  

Obviously there's less shoe in the BB5 as compared to a Hoka or Altra but, there is plenty of support underfoot to carry you safely through a marathon.

Landing on the forefoot you can feel a firm stable responsive pop. I had to force myself to heel strike in order to test the feel of the boost material.  No worries heel strikers you can pound safely away till your hearts content. The BB5 has adequate cushioning and plush ride that eases the transition from heel strike to toe off.

With 9miles and 6 800's today the BB5 didn't disappoint me on the trail.  The BB5 will be spending more time with me on the road to #RNRPHILLY, #Hartford and #MCM.


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