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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extend The Miles To Enjoy The View.

So I faced the hills head on yesterday, I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a "Hill Killer" now though.  Given the wise advise from some Marathon Maniacs and Ultra Runners-(Ayeesha, Edward, Craigy, Amy, and Jacqueline) I lunged up the hill that was waiting for me after my run.  Can you say power walk?

Today's scheduled mileage was 5 but I extended it to 6 just to enjoy the view on the Quinnipiac Trail. -(I was on a run not photo shoot, I left my phone at home :-(.. I'll double back tomorrow take pics sorry about the blurry pics.

Change of scenery helps me embrace the ride and noticed little funny things along the way.  Like the woman driving out of Neil's Dounts parking lot eating a powdered donut with powder around her lips.  She stopped for me and I was grateful.  As I passed I gave her a smile.  Inside I was dying.  In that brief moment I thought no one really takes you serious with with powder all over your face, but powdered donuts bring out the kids in all of us.  Random I know.

The Quinnipiac Linar Trail is 1.5miles long in one direction that runs parallel to the Merritt Parkway in CT. 

I enjoy the quiet shaded path with walkers and the running streams off in the distance.

An easy 6mi cruise finished in 1:01 with an avg pace of 10:19; I did say it was an EZ run.

Today's run was brought to you by Mizuno Wave Rider 17's with the U4RiC sole.

After the run I spent some time in the library-(after showering of course) to work on the layout for the blog.  I made a few changes let me know what you think.

67 days and counting till the Hartford Marathon, yeah baby!!  Tic tock, tic tock. Tomorrow more like later today I've got 8mi with 6mi at marathon pace.. 

What's on your schedule please share..


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