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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hoka Stinson 5 Mi Recovery Run W/5 Strides

After Sunday's 16 miles it was time to for Monday's 5 mile appetizer with a side of Strides.  Before my run I hit the gym to work legs.  My quest to BQ has me on a mission looking for every opportunity to gain an edge and shave minutes off my time.

Looking through my FB feed this morning I came across this quote that spoke to me by Zora Neale Hurston on John C. Maxwell's page.  "Research is formalized curiosity.  It is poking and prying with purpose".   Awwwww!! that's me curious; with that in mind I set my intention on learning how to increase my stride length at some point today.

For my appetizer run I turned to my trusty Hoka Stinson's for a luxurious fulling ride.  Burp! Excuse me.  The Stinson is little heavier than the Clifton that I've been running in for the past two days, but it still has get up and go.

My legs were grateful for the extra cushioning this morning especially after the long run on Sunday.  

It was a toss up on which pair to wear.  I initial was thought of rocking the Brooks Glycerin's but, I've been on a Hoka vibe lately.  Don't worry I still have love for Brooks.

You can check the run on Garmin Connect, feel free to connect with me on Garmin Connect.  My stride length today was 1.07m with 9:03 avg pace; Sunday LSD stride length was 1.03 avg pace 8:46.  Hmmm, now the trick is to increase my stride length while maintaining a high cadence. 

After the run decided to apply what I found while I was poking and prying on the net for information on how to increase your stride length.  Meb reviewed his warm up kicks and skips routine with Competitor so I figured he was a reliable source. 

The last thing on the docket today would be, you guessed it stretching with a yoga twist.  Our hip flexors can become shortened and tight from hours of sitting.  Hip Flexor Stretching can help to loosen and lengthen tight hip flexors, there's also a Hamstring Stretch to release the hammies!!

Maybe yoga isn't your thang! Runner's World has a Stride Guide for Runners: 5 ways to increase your stride length and speed.  

Leave a comment let me know what you think.  


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