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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Run By Any Means Necessary...

Run by Any Means Necessary Speech... 

I must emphasizes at the out start that I'm not here to representative Asics or Saucony Brooks or Nike Skechers or Newton Hoka or Karhu... So I have to stand here as what I was when I was Born.. A runner!!! 

Before there was any such thing as midfoot or forefoot strike we were runners...
Before there was anything such thing as Running and Being Or Born to Run... we were runners!!
Before they was any such thing as Chi or pose running we were runners!!! Before there was any such thing as 800's or hill repeats we were runners!!!

I shared this on FB and was surprised when it received over 2.5K Views

Before there was any such thing as GU or Nuun... We were runners!!! In fact before there was any such thing as football or basketball we soccer or baseball... We were runners. 

And long after the cowboys don't make it to playoffs and Donald trump fades off the scene with his hate bating rhetoric and his dumb comb over.... we will  still be runners. 

As a Sneakerholic I've Got Love For All Brands

Who told you running was bad for knees?
Who told you black men only run if their being chased by cops?
Who told black women don't run because their scared of sweating out their perms weaves and natural hair.  Well parts of that may be true but from what I understand the struggle is real and their working past it...
Who told you were going to die if you ran a marathon?
Who told you couldn't run in the rain?
Who told you we don't run in the cold and snow?
Who told to wear shorts over running tights. It makes no sense!!! Its nonsense!!! Laugh 

Humbled by the overwhelming support hope you enjoy it...

Oh I say and I say again you been had... You been took!!!
Led astray!!!
Hoodwinked!!! I'm here to tell like it is... We don't need a lot of gadgets to start running. But like a Garmin and banging beat playing in my head when I hit these  mean streets!!! 

We didn't land on running, running landed  In conclusion my sole brothers and sistas lace up your shoes get dressed Shut your mouth kick your excuses to the curb and Run by any means necessary!!! #grind #runutainment