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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Confessions From A Recovering Sneakerholic

After attending a few SA meetings-(Sneakerholic Anonymous) I finally worked up the nerve to share my story with the group.  It seemed to be a judgement free zone like Planet Fitness.  As I stepped out from the crowd I tried to figure out what I was going to say before I reached the podium.  

Once I got to the front the first words that fell from my mouth were:  Hi my name is Derek and I'm a "Sneakerholic".  Hi Derek what would you like to share with the group?

"Kicks Matter, But You Don't Have To Own A 1,000 pairs or do you?"

Mile 2
When I started running I reached under my bed for a pair of Reebok Zig Zag because that was the closest thing to a running shoe in my line up. 

I was just glad to be getting off the couch and moving.  Running in these kicks were torcher. I didn't have running in mind when I purchased them, they were for the weekend.  My legs were burning and my feet were hurting so bad by the time I made it around the corner I had to stop.  

My next stop would be to my local running specialty store for a pair of Nike Vormero's  My feet were grateful, but they just looked bland not spicy.  The search for a hot shoe started my addiction. 

Looking in the rear view mirror I would have done a few things differently.  If your new to running I'd suggest visiting a running specialty store to get properly fitted. Once you figure out your foot type take a trip to a DSW, Marshall's, or the Outlets for a discount.  

That's an awesome share Derek.  Are you still running?  Yes I am.  I did 8miles today with 6miles at MP.  And it was HOT Chocolate Mess.  I came prepared with hydration in tow.  The heat won today I wasn't able to consistently hit my target.  

I typically run with my shirt on but, today I was sweating just getting out the car before my warmup.  Shout out to all my female runners I feel your pain; if I was a female I would have been a bra top today.

Where did Asphalt take you this weekend?


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