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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stretching... You Mean I Gotta Make Time For That?

Oh how I dreaded suicide drills, running laps around the gym jumping jacks and stretching when I played CYO Basket Ball at St Peters Clavers in Brooklyn.

Half of our time was spent warming up practicing jump shots and running plays before we actually played a lick of ball.

Now that I run on a regular I remind myself that warming up, performing drills and stretching may not be as much fun as actually running a race but, they play a critical part of my performance come race day.

With 48 days to go before The Hartford Marathon the excitement is starting build, I'm considering tossing in a Half Marathon between now and then as a tune up race.  Who knows maybe I'll do RNR Philly.

I hit the track earlier this week for a workout on the stadium stairs.  

Everyone deserves their Rocky Moment and today was mine, feeling like a rock star!!

After the stadium stairs Thursday, I did my 9miles on the trail. What a comedy of errors to get started, I forgot my foot pod at home and made a u-turn for it because I like the numbers.  

I thought I was charging my watch while I was having a bagel in DD.  Ooops that wasn't the case I didn't find that out until I returned to the trail for the 2nd time.  Lucky I used my laptop charge my watch and completed my run.  Well at least I got a good warm up and stretch in before my run. 

See the details on Garmin Connect.

Today was a rest day.  I spent the first part of the day at Fleet Feet Sports they were having a Hip & Ankle Flexibility Clinic. Good stuff I shouldn't have worn jeans.  

It's all good though I picked up some new foam rolling techniques, while doing the demonstration on the sidewalk in Stamford.

In the end I picked up the Quadballer and the owner of Fleet Feet Sports of Stamford-(Troy Burks) was kind enough to threw in the DVD's for FREE.  If you live in the CT area you've gotta come down and check them out, they're  simply Awesome!!! I spent the rest of the day hydrating and relaxing.

Stamford has a little piece of NYC flavor to it, this Bull takes up more than half the sidewalk.

Well its back to the trail on Sunday for my long run.  Let me know what races you ran this weekend and what which ones you have coming up.


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