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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hoka Huaka Review

With over 30miles logged in the Huaka now, I wanted to review them after a long run today at the old New Haven NorthHampton RailRoad Canal Line.

I love this trail for going long

Disclosure I received this pair of Huaka's from Hoka One One.  Earlier in the week I gave the Huaka the once over.  

Today's run was supposed to be 13mi LSD.  My legs felt fresh in the Huaka.  Before I knew it had ran the first 5mi @ 7:30 avg pace and then decided to hold back.

These Puppies Rock
I noticed on the downhills the Huaka's RMAT midsole had a surprising "Pop" and "Bounding" feel on the trail and pavement.

The trail hybrid sole enables the Huaka to be used on multiple surfaces.  Although the Huaka is slightly heavier than the Clifton it performs amazing well on the road when the pace is increased.

Xmas In July
The Huaka is truly a runners dream come true.  The perfect blend of cushioning, weight, 2mm offset and active snappy ride!  You can't go wrong in the Huaka.

Awwwe Yes Time to Fly
I love Sam Winebaum's description of a Hoka's approach to entering the shoe game.  "Hoka went hard and alone against the "minimal" run shoe grain with oversized super cushy midsoles".

As the pendulum swings others have followed suit-(Altra Olympus/Paradigm, New Balance Foam Fresh, and even Saucony added more cushion to the Kinvara 5)

The Huaka is by far the sleekest looking shoe in Hoka's line up and lives up to the hype.

Running in the Huaka is like having Xmas in August.  The active meta rocker positions you nicely to perform your best.  

Today was a LSD day.  When all was said and done I rocked out a 1/2marathon 1:47 and an avg pace of 8:15. I felt as though I could conquer the Sleeping Giant Mountain. 

Determined to stay Hydrated I traveled with my double barrel Orange Mud HydraQuiver vest and I'm happy to report there was no bouncing or chaffing.

Orange Mudd Hydra Quiver

Head down to your local specialty shop or shop online and have them delivered to your home; either way check out the Huaka.

Kicking Up Some Serious Asphalt

So on to the ratings on a 5pt scale.  But, first let's take a look at the categories: Quality, Comfort, Price and Looks.

Quality: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Looks: 5/5
Total Score: 18


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