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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PA Grand Canyon Photo Finish TY

Yet another marathon in the books, thank God.  It was a blast.  I look forward to doing it again in October in Hartford CT.

Colette said it best, "It's all about taking what you've learned and applying it moving forward".

Who woulda thunk I'd be running at my age-Shhhhh don't ask. I'm grateful for every step I'm able to take.  In some way I hope it inspires someone who passes me while I'm training and I give them a thumbs up for allowing me to cross in front of them.

I'm learning how to be patient with myself trust my training and remain open to learning.  My thirst for knowledge propels me forward.  I don't every want to become cemented in my thinking.

I appreciate all the supportive comments from my family, friends and virtual friends whom it haven't had the opportunity to meet in person yet.  

In addition to carbo loading for energy to make it through 26.2miles your encouraging words help to fill my tank and empowers me to keep going. 

Thanks guys I appreciate all of you, God bless!!

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