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Friday, August 29, 2014

Adidas Boston Boost 5 Review

In this corner we have the highly anticipated Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5, weighing in at 9oz for (M) and 7.7oz for  (W).

Featuring a 29.8mm heel and a 20.4mm forefront; making this the lowest profile Boston to date with a ruffly 9.4 offset-(let's call it 10mm drop).

The Adidas Adizeo Boston Boost 5 is a strong contender for the number one spot in my line up. 

Boston Strong 

I shared my initial impressions earlier in the week after a 9mile run.  Today I took the Boston Boost 5 out for a 10mile spin that was completed in 1:21:32 with an avg pace of 8:09.  Now I'm not a speed demon but I felt like one running in Boston-a guy can run dream. 

The most significant feature of the Boston 5 is the Energy Boost mid sole Adidas created.  The sole consists of small capsules that resemble Styrofoam.  The polyurethane foam is fused together with high pressure steam, and was designed to maximize energy return.

Boston Strong 
And you certainly get an energy return with every foot strike. The blended EVA Energy Boost in the forefoot was welcomed guest on my run.

Boston Strong 
Runner's World bottom line about the Boston Boost 5 in their June issue was: "A sound choice for tempo runs and race day".

Boston Strong 
After today's 10mile run I'd echo their sentiments.  The mid sole in the Boston felt firm yet responsive with a bouncy heel that helps to take the edge off on the down hills.

Boston Strong 

Thinner/Lighter than it's predecessor 
Simply Elegant Upper Design
Sweet Spot Price Point
Continental Rubber Sole Awesome Traction

Heel Cup 
Hidden Boston Logo-(no worries it won't impact your performance)
Some may consider it narrow.

Boston Strong 
I've got my 20mi long run scheduled Sunday.  And if things go as planned I'll run #RNRPhilly in the Boston Boost 5.  Afterwards it will come down to decided what to wear in Hartford.



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