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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Don't Forget The End Run

Some days I feel less than enthusiastic about heading out for a run.  The feeling usually doesn't hoover long, it's more of a fleeting whisper which says you deserve a break today.

Once I remind myself of the end run I lace up my kicks and get ready to hit the bricks.

How do you get your "ask muscles" in 5th gear and stay on course?  For me it's a reminder of my quest to BQ. 

My target number today was 9miles straight no chaser.  No problem I could bang that out with two shots on The Hamden Trail 4.5miles down and back.

The plan was to wait until it cooled off, then get after it later.  Meanwhile, back at the getting ready to run ranch, I thought I saw something on the road yesterday and wanted to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  Yikes!!!

You can't make this stuff up but, you better watch your step.  After my confirmed snake siting I popped into Marshall's to see if there were any #FabFound's and sure enough the cow bells sounded.  Ding ding ding... 

I watched these Merrell's drop from $49 down to $25, they'll make a great gym "sneek".  Have you every played the game how low will they go?

My Merrell's came in handy today for week two of my strength training routine.  The goal of week two is to help improve balance.  I shot the publishers an email suggesting they create an app, in this way you could bring the workout with you to the gym.  

It was a solid run today, one that makes you scream when your done. "Yeah baby another one in the book"  9miles in 1:15 with an avg pace of 8:23-(Garmin Connect for Details)

There was another #Fabfound at Marshall's, this one was certain to help me cook up some cool relief.  

I'm just not ready for an ice bath.  Ouch be gone! allows you to dip your toes in an ice bath and speed up recovery, without getting wet?

I'll try embracing an ice bath one day.


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