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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hoka Clifton's 20 Miles and Running

A 4 mile run on a Saturday morning in the rain was enough to give me an initial feel for the Clifton and write a review.

But, I plan on wearing The Clifton in the Fall during the Hartford Marathon so I wanted to know how they would perform on a long run.  

With 16 miles on tap today The Clifton's accompanied while I drank in the miles and kicked back the pavement.

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My legs felt fresh while fueling up in DD.  After the warmup I hit the trail.  The first few miles were relaxing an avg 8:05 pace.  I had to remind myself today was supposed to be LSD.  

The Clifton's just wanted to go and part of me wanted to see how far and fast they would take me.  

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But, I resisted to pick up the pace.  With an avg of 81% if my max heart rate, I felt fine.  No worries about the upper my feet were cool the breathable mesh saw to it.  No concerns about hot spots or wiggle room for my toes either. 

The comfort of the Clifton's is unmatched by any shoe in my line up and as a Sneakerholic that's quiet a few. 

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The Clifton's offer a stable buttery ride without any excess fat to lug around. The early stage meta rocker keeps you cycling forward.

Hoka strategically placed high abrasion rubber in the critical wear areas.  

The remainder if the sole is made up of unexposed EVA which may not make it the 1st choice for a technical trail.  The Clifton is a roadster.  

20 miles and running the my view hasn't changed. The Clifton's are an  EXTRAordinary Shoe...

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  1. Wow! Huge sole support.. Must seem like your running on springs, lol!