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Friday, August 8, 2014

Taking a knee... Rest Day...

I still can't get over passing a family of cows on my new running route.  Yes today is a rest day.  On my way to get a cup jane from DD I stopped for a pic.

Seems like they were resting also.  This is a stark difference from downtown Bridgeport, nevertheless it is where I call home.

I could safely check REST DAY off my to-do-list without breaking a sweat.

Since I was supposed to dialing down my activities I treated my feet to some ice ice baby!!  Vitamin Water bottles filled with water and frozen make for a cool massage.

The ridges on the bottle remind me of a Trigger Point Foam Roller, oh what a feeling of relief.  To treat the top of my foot I put some ice in a sock and wrapped.

At some point during the day I wanted to pick up the September's issue of Runner's World.  I ventured to the Walmart in town because to my surprise last month when I made the trip to Barnes and Noble they were out.  

After scanning the magazine shelves several times I finally found it, thank God-cause I didn't feel like driving B&N.  

Inside the September's issue is the Fall Shoe Guide which I'm always curious to see the line up.

On the cover is Matt Elliottt.  Matt is a mid-distance runner and school teacher. In perusing the article I LOL when I read "I'm not on a pedestal, I'm down with the masses" and I tsaid I like this guy he seems to have a humble attitude. 

His playlist intrigued me also: Drake, "Headlines"; Dj Khaled, "I Wanna Be With You"; Rich Homie Quan, "Walk Thru"; Dj Khaled, No New Friends-(SFTB Remix) and Jeremih, "Don't Tell 'Em (feat. YG)

You can check out the reasons why in the September's issue.  What gets you going on the run?  What's on your playlist?  I'd like to know.


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