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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Put UR LSD Runs to The Biggie Test

Huh? What's the "Biggie Test"?  It's typically agreed that your LSD Runs should be done at a conversational pace.

Ok that's great if your running with a group and you have someone to hold a conversation with, but what if your running alone? How would you use the conversational pace principle?  Hold that thought.

Sure you can use your Garmin or your internal clock. McMillian Running, Competitor Runner's World and Competive Runner offer specific practical information from different schools of thought on going long. 

You'll notice common themes such as fueling the night before and the morning of your LSD run.

Enter the "Biggie Test" if you're alone on the run try singing along with one of your favorite songs.  The thought dawned on me while I was running, "my song" was playing and I started signing along.  Biggie's "slow flow was remarkable" so I figured if could rap along without huffing and puffing that would be considered conversational pace. Lol.  

In all seriousness your LSD should be 1:30-3:00min slower than your MP.  It should be slow and not hinder your performance the following week.

In addition to spending time on my feet for my marathon training I use my LSD runs to test kicks, fueling and hydration options.

On the menu today was huma chia and GU.  The Carmel Salted GU wasn't bad but, I preferred the taste of huma chia-it was easier going down and didn't remind me of my Castor oil/honey ritual every Saturday morning growing up in Brooklyn.  Yuck!!!

22 ᗰIᒪEᔕ TOᗪᗩY ᑎᑌᑌᑎ✔ ᗯᗩTEᖇ✔ ᔕᗩᒪT Tᗩᗷᔕ✔ Gᑌ✔ ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ✔... OK ᗯE'ᖇE GOOᗪ 2 GO!!!

A buddy suggested salt tabs, so while at Fleet Feet Sports on Saturday I picked some up to test.  One of the seasoned associates told me that he uses them and found that it helps him digest the energy gels.  The combo of fuel, hydration and salt tabs worked well today on the run.

Y'all know by now how much I love a sale and sneakers; well while at REI I resisted the urge to buy a pair of Hoka Bondi 3 for $100, but I snagged some Salmon Endurance Tights.  

I was geared up and ready to go!  Did I mention how the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 Performed? No.  No complaints, which means they will be getting the nod for #RNRPhilly.

22miles got served for lunch today!  I gauge the success of today's run on how I felt during the run more importantly how I was feeling afterwards.  Mentally and physically strong.  I picked up the pace on the last miles slightly.  

When I received the last alert I wasn't huffing and puffing thanking God it was finally over; I stopped saved the run and walked .50mile back to my car.  Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to be able to run-(I know where my strength comes from).

How do you measure the success of your runs? 



  1. Hey there! Nice to read your writing. The castor oil honey treatment? That's brutal!!
    I currently employ only LSD. On the trails I'm just not ready to take on anything more.. my body protests. I do believe there's a time and place for some people to practice a fast-finish long run, or a long run with MP. But not every long run! :)

    1. Raina thanks for stopping by, I enjoy the company. Lol. " Protest" UR too funny. I agree. A fast finish isn't prescribed for every LSD run. I'm not a speed demon. Lol... I ran miles 14-19 around a 10:30avg pace. My last 3 miles were not an all out effort or even close to my MP. Mile20 9:29, Mile21 8:58 and Mile22 9:10.