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Monday, August 11, 2014

Measurable Progress In a Reasonable Time

"If your living in the past, your lost".  Some lyrics stick with me for some odd reason and seem to get me going on a run.  Yesterday "Memories don't live like people do they always remember you, whether things are good or bad it's just the memories that we have", it was so nice I played it twice.

Learning from my 18mi LSD yesterday water is becoming my new bestie.

My memory of last week's run would serve as a "virtual race" today.  Before the evening race I had to drop off a few dvd's at the library.

And pick up a hand full of hot picks for the week then grab a bite to eat.

I went for the almonds and oats pancakes instead of the traditional buttermilk.

Laced up my Stinson's in preparation for my race, The Ox Man Vs The Sole Man.

Last week "The Sole Man" did 5miles in 46:09 with an avg pace of 9:03.  Week over week I should start to see progress, so I decided to put that theory to the test.

It would be game time in less than an hour, so I was trying to focus on the task at hand and that was beating "The Sole Man's" time.

On your mark...  get set... Go!!!  And I was off running.  The Virtual racer Garmin added to the 610 is nifty motivational tool.

At the end of the race "The Ox Man" was the winner.  Running in my Stinson's today felt like I had two text books strapped to my feet compared to the cushioned ride of my Clifton's on Sunday.

How do you challenge yourself each week?


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