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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For the love of Hills

Yesterday was 8mi with hills.  Argh!! I learned from last marathon that hills were an opportunity for me-(that's of course the biz talk or a politically correct term used so as not to offend anyone).

But, since we're friends here we I'll give you the straight cheese. Hills were problem and if I'm trying to BQ I've gotta tackle them head on.

So I sought to find the steepest incline and conquer it.  Lean at the ankles, shorten your stride, bound up the hill, relax, drop your shoulders-ok I could do this at least once.  Lol.  I felt like a puppet or a private in the military. 

My training plan called for 8 Hill Repeats. Equipped with my hydration belt and gummie worms in tow, I felt energized. 

What goes up must come down, granted downhill is not as tough.  Down hill running has it's challenges, if your not careful you could take a nasty spill.  I'm not a Zen Hill manager, however I was able to manage the descent without falling.y

Coasting down hill was a breeze.  Once I reached the top of the hill I'd take a sip regroup for the next trip up.  The gummie worms came in handy.  What do you think of gummie worms or gummie bears as an energy source to fuel your run?

5mi easy today.  What runs do you have planned?  How do you conquer hills?  Please share I'd love to hear.

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