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Monday, July 14, 2014

To Rest or Not on Rest Day?

When I finished my 20miles on Sunday I downed a protein shake showered then hit the road for something to eat. This was the last long run before my trail marathon in PA Grand Canyon.

Surprisingly I wasn't moving in slow motion, I actually felt good.  While I ate I reflected on my training last week and started planning for the coming week.

"Revenge of the Spin Cycle" was the first thing on the agenda, our rematch is scheduled for Tuesday morning and I'm coming prepared with a towel and shoes.

Monday was supposed to be my rest day so I just took it easy, but you know I had to try out the shoes on the bike.  

Nothing intense just fluid turns to warm up the hip flexors and practice the different positions.  

Aterwards stretching planks and foam rolling. 

light activity on rest day is cool.  Does it sound as though I'm trying to convince myself?  Lol.  I'm convinced.  Do you find it hard to do nothing on your rest days?  What's your strategy for recovery after a long run?

My legs thanked me afterwards.  Have a EXTRAordinary week.


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