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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Training Day... Stick to the script...

"You have today... and today only to show me what you're made of"  With 9 weeks left in my training I've got to pace myself.

18mi LSD requires a little more food than my normal bagel and coffee breakfast. 

Yellow, "Got Fuel"? How do you fuel up for your long runs?  On the menu today was a BOB aka a Bananna Oatmeal and Bagel. 

Oh yeah, I also had a cup of coffee, that should be enough for the 18mi journey.  Before heading out the door I did a final check.  

Post run equipment, keys, gel shots, hydration belt and water filled with Nuun tabs.  Awww as I paused for a moment standing at the door before closing it behind me, ok I think that's it. 

My plan was to break the run into thirds.  I planned on running the first 3miles at a 12min avg pace, the next 3mi. at 11min and so on gradually increasing the pace by a minute running the last 3 at a 7:38 avg pace.

After my warm up trot I stretched and then hit the trail.  Trying to stick to a 12min avg pace was ruff, but I needed to stick to the script.

I hit the Temple street gates at the 8.5mi mark then I needed to turn around.  No, it's not a clever metaphor for the dreaded    "Wall" it is a literal gate on the trail. 

Around mile 12 I realized I may run out of water.  Argh!! Sure enough I did.  My last 2 miles were hydrationless until I reached the water fountain at the end of the run.  

I could see the fountain off in the distance, it was like a mirage.  A glance at my watch and it was 17:95 now I've gotta do the runners pee pee dance for an even 18mi.

Help!!  Water please.  Shower me down from heaven with a beverage.  I'd settle for a Hydration Vest.

Hmmm!! That's it I'm going to need more water on my long runs, so I took to FaceBook for suggestions.  I settled on HydraQuiver Vest.  I'll let you know how it  stacks up.

What do you take along with for your long runs?


  1. What a trip...I just spent a bunch of time looking at that same Hydraquiver. Just got it and think I'm going 15ish on trails today to test it.

  2. I had to do it... I started finding myself running out of fluids during my long runs, when I looked at my shirt I started seeing white stains a friend told me it was salt because I wasn't getting enough electrolytes