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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Live with Passion... Run with Heart... Cherish Every Step...

laying in bed it was quite and warm, in the background lingered a faint ringing in my ears, layered a top pings from filaments of the baseboard heater, heating up.  At that point, I realized that I hadn't written anything aside from a few tweets and post about the new Saucony Breakthru early in the day.-(Check out Peter's review of the Saucony Breakthru)

Saucony BreakThru... I'm a sucker for bright colored kicks reasonable priced
What started as background noise, was now loud cinematic theme music, from a drama demanding an answer as to why I hadn't written anything.  My baseboard heater transformed into an irate customer tapping their fingers on the counter demanding an answer to a seemingly, obvious rhetorical question.  I laid in my bed squirming for an answer, stalling for time, I uttered do you want me answer that?  Suddenly the strumming stopped and I escaped being berated by an angry baseboard heater.  

Its almost time to hit the trail
Dodging a bullet, I found refuge in the silence under the covers and tried to answer the baseboard heaters question.  Was it because I didn't have time? No, I could have squeezed out at least 19 minutes out of 1,440 minutes in a day.  Was it a lack of inspiration?  No, I could have started writing about the guy siting across from me in Starbucks with a winter hat, jacket and sandals with out socks-in a snow storm.  It was clearly cold enough to for him to cover his head inside a heated building, but toes out in a snow storm wasn't a concern.

Arrows have been added to protect the identity of the innocent...
What was it then? Procrastination? I had pushed off writing in exchange for reading and started experiencing guilt associated with putting off a run-which I hardly ever do, but when I do I feel like I broke one of the 10 Run Commandments.  (Do you feel the same way when you miss a run? Let me know).  Before falling asleep, I was guilt tripped into writing and couldn't wait to run in the snow in the morning in my BOCO's but I had to get some rest if that was going to happen-(review coming soon, I initially picked up a 12.5 but experienced some puckering in the toe box so I sized down and that resolved the issue).

Newton BOCO AT

Time to Put These Puppies to The Snow Slush Test
With 8miles on deck today the challenge would be getting out the door and staying upright in the snow, I'm pretty sure I was over dressed but, I managed to avoid falling-lets call that a victory.  The BOCO's provided excellent traction in the snow, slush and kept my feet dry.

Land.... Lever.... Lift.... Hello Better how you doin
I normally don't answer calls while I'm on a run, but I took a call from my sister Vonnie, who was just checking in on me, how sweet.  Based on the shoe imprints someone beat me to the trail.  When it was all said and done I made it back home peeled out of my clothes and was faced with the news that Stuart Scott passed and it through me in an emotional tailspin.  

"Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow" Booyah
Stuart's style personality passion and swagger transformed the industry, he was a fresh voice.  In the midst of continued chemotherapy treatments and medication regiments he took to the gym for mixed martial arts and cross training workouts in West Hartford CT., it was hard but he continued to work exhausted but unwavering.  I dedicate this post to Staurt Scott's legacy, heres to you, Mr Booyah, Cool as The Other Side of the Pillow.


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