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Thursday, September 11, 2014

F@rget the Past... Embrace the Future

When I spend hours on the road running it affords me plenty of time to think reflect and commune with nature. There are times I feel at peace with the universe, I believe there's a spiritual aspect to running-not in a religious churchy sense, but along the lines personal growth renewal and meditation.

Internal renewal through each breath bead of sweat and foot step, its hard to put in to words, I just know I regret not logging miles. The last thing I want to do during my run is dwell on my past failures shortcomings missteps or false starts-I'd much rather live in the present with you. 

On occassion I'll buy a round trip ticket to my pass to glean insight from an experience, once I've received the information I traveled for, I'm on on the red eye back to the present. There's no reason to hangout and build monuments.  

The work dedication and discipline that goes into preparing for a marathon fine tunes your body soul and spirit. 

Running enabled me to release forgive and let go of pass hurts, some of which were self inflicted. Perhaps the reduction in mental weight has allowed me to pick up my pace.  I carried a SouthWest Air lines worth of luggage with me during my runs-that may be an exaggeration. 

Divorce was the largest suitcase on board. Everyone handles going through a divorce in their own way, some shoulda all over their ex partner, filling football fields full of "Baby Momma Drama Stories". And others are cordial for their own sanity and the sake of their children. 

With a quiver full from one woman I don't have a "Baby Momma". What I do have is a woman who does a "Fantabulous" job of raising our children.  I may not win any father of the year awards anytime soon, but I'm not blind or stupid, maybe a little slow. 

am blessed with phenomenal children-two young women and three young men and I tip my hat in tribute to their mother. Two college graduates one from Carnegie Mellon and one from William and Mary. 

Our oldest son attends the University of Maryland Baltimore County on a track scholarship. 

Our twins are seniors in High School. 

The "TheraRun" was instrumental in helping me release past hurts and bitterness helping to make me a better human being.  So F@rget the past!  



  1. I know all about the therarun. It's very calming for me to get out there and let things GO. Life is about learning and we all have things we have to work though. Running does that for me too.
    I'd have never guessed you had kids that age!

    1. @Raina R Yup Yup... its the ingredients in the Therarun keep me looking young. You're right life is about learning and growing