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Monday, September 29, 2014

Altra One 2 Shoe Review

In my excitement of running in the "knock out" aka the Altra One 2 I didn't want to run the risk of a premature shoe review, So I wanted to wait until I had a few more miles on the asphalt in them-the wait is over.

The "Knock Out" is an awesome shoe for the price tipping the scales at 5.9oz, that's right 5.9oz-the One 2 will quickly have a cult like following.  For more of the technical running shoe geek stuff visit Altra Running.

If your in the market for a light weight shoe peep the "Knock Out"
I've had these kicks for two weeks and I'm having a hard time not running in them or wearing them around town.  

I wore them last week during a visit to Sound Runner in Brandford Ct. and the associate who was helping me was fascinated by them and asked if he could try them on-I agreed to share a little awesome sauce with him.  

Slipper like feeling 

Once he slipped his foot in them he could not believe how light and flexible the "knock out" felt.  I've got to to be honest I didn't find the shoe attractive at first, similar to Herman Miller's Aeron chair that was initially met with resistance, but after a while it developed a cult following in silicone valley.

The shoe is growing on me, light weight and cushioned makes it a "knock out".

Slight wear on the outer edge that came from an attempt to break my fall during my run.
A look at the under carriage reveals deep flex grooves and a mixture of exposed Eva and high abrasion rubber. 

I've taken theses kicks on several training runs, from an easy mile to 16 miles today on an asphalt trail today and the shoe performs well.

The Asymmetrical laces stayed tied during the run 
The One 2 is not all perfumed lilies and roses there are a few thorns and sour spots in the mix as with any shoe on the market.

All purpose trainer that can go the distance 5k-Marathon
The sizing of this show is certainly an area of opportunity, you'll need to go up anywhere from a 1/2 to a full size in the shoe-which would be frustrating if purchased online because they don't run true to size. 

Comfortable Shoe
Altra's foot shaped toe box will allow your toes to relax inside and will accommodate varied volumed foot types.

I will walk these dogs in October at the Marine Corps Marathon 

The "knock out" seems have a steep drop in the toe box which causes your toes to hit the top of the shoe.  

A slight tweak to the heel cup, eliminating some of the extra foam and include something with a bit more support.  Finally additional high abrasion rubber on the sole in strategic spots on the next version and "knock out" will continue to grow in popularity.  


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  1. I tried this shoe out and totally agree with your comment on toes hitting the top of the shoe and the need for a little bit of rubber. If they fix these two items this shoe is a home run.