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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Altra One 2 Initial Impression... "The Asphalt Kicker"

In the battle for prominence in the asphalt jungle running shoe manufacturers are sleeping in the labs cooking up the next best thing in running shoe technology.  

Altra One "Asphalt Kicker"
From U4ric, RMat, Freshfoam, Lunarlon, BioMogo to Boost everyone has their own special blend to serve the addiction of Sneakerholics and Running Shoe Geeks around the world.

Slipper lite weight cushioned racing shoe  

Last weekend I was in Philly for the RnR Half Marathon and stopped by the Altra Booth and to my surprise they had the One 2, so I had to try them on, wow what a feeling.

The One 2 packed a knockout punch once I laced them up and  walked around in them I knew I would use them for my shake out run.

RnRPhilly Results
Lite weight, extremely flexible surprisingly cushioned were my initial thoughts-oh and the NY Knicks colors kicked asphalt.

The One 2 reminds me of a retro roadster with its low profile asymmetrical lacing system the shoe is built for speed.

Based on the reasonable price point the above picture might not be an accurate portrayal of the Altra One 2 and the one below may not tell the whole story either.

Hyperbole aside the Altra One 2 is stacking up to be true contender in the "asphalt jungle".  

My recent review of the Paradigm stirred conversation within the ultrarunning committee as folks aligned themselves with their favorite brand, it ultimately got the attention of Golden Harper the Founder of Altra-which was not my intent. -(visit Paradigm The Hoka Killa to view his comments).

I'll racking up some addional miles in the "knock out" before doing a full review.  In the Wild West of the blogsphere, I tip my ten gallon hat to Golden Harper and the folks at Altra for the job they do to engage their "Tribe" and those who may be on the fence.  Well done!!


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