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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Have You Ever Had Race Day Shouldas?

It was October the fall of 2012 the night before my first marathon and I couldn't sleep.  Filled with excitement I tossed and throughout the night.  I set my alarm for 4am because I read somewhere you should top off your glycogen stores then head back to sleep.  New to the running game I followed the plan.

When I went down stairs it was brick outside.  No worries there's an app for what to wear on runnersworld.com.  If you're an Apple Faithful check out iTunes, if you're Android lover head over appszoom and peep the  "What Should I Wear Running" App.

So even with all this info at my finger tips one would think I wouldn't have a case of the "Shouldas" WRONG!!!

The morning of the race I "Shoulda" all over myself. Contrary to popular thought your mind may steer you towards stomach rumblings that lead you to set a PR sprinting to a porta pottie.  I wasn't clear what the "Shouldas" were so I had to visit the Running Dr.

Doc give it to me straight don't sugar coat it.  What is it and can you treat it? Take it easy Derek, have no fear the "Shouldas" are family to glossophobia or speech anxiety.  In the case of runners it's race day jitters.

What do the "Shouldas" sound like?  Everyone plays a different tone speed and pitch in their mind; mine range from soprano to baritone.  In falsetto: "I shoulda wore different socks these are starting to irrate me and haven't started running yet, speedos were a bad choice". In Soprano: "look at those Hoka's, I knew I shoulda wore my Huaka's you think I have time to go home and change"? No! Baritone: "I told you, you shoulda laid off the ice cream, shut up it's too late for that now". Tenure: "Where are my safety pins I knew I shoulda set everything aside the night before, I did I just forgot the safety pins". You get the sound right? 

Relax I've got you covered.  In prep for a few upcoming races I started reviewing some info to help me combat the "Shouldas".  Active.com had an article on "How to Deal With Marathon Race Day Problems"; simple quick reminders. 

Finally, 10 Ways To Beat Race Day Nerves from worldrunning.com.  Yes I'll still be nervous at first. But once I warmup, the announcer finishes the announcements, the gun shot blast and the crowd thins out I'm good.


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