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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spin Class Remix Featuring The Northface Ultra Trail

Mars Blackman repeadly asked Jordan how he performed his gavity defying dunks "Is it the shoes, is it the shoes"?  No, Jordan exclaimed!  Mike was endowed with God given talent which he honed through hardwork.

Revisiting my spin class today, I'm convinced the shoes played a critical part in helping me power through the class.  Having the right tools for the job makes a huge difference.  The stiff bottom decreases flexibility and increases the amount of force applied by our legs with each rotation of the pedal.  Spinning is now officially a part of my strength training.

Awesome workout followed by stretching, breakfast and 3miles scheduled later in the evening if the weather cooperates

With the ground still wet I thought it ideal timing for me to get another run in my Northface Ultra Trail's.  Northface partnered with Vibram for the sticky coffin shaped outsole.  The asphalt was still wet from the rain but traction wasn't an issue.  

My first run was 7 miles off road on cobble stone, crushed clay and blacktop which was an easy chore  for the Ultra Trail to navigate over a variety of surfaces.

This is one "hella fast trail shoe".  Light weight breathable flexiable with a super dry upper that wicks moisture away from your feet and a seamless to reduce blisters.  The Ultra Trail comes with a 8mm drop and plenty of cushioning in the midsole.  Northface did an awesome job with this shoe it locked my foot in place allowed my toes to play in the spacious toe box.  

Simple elgance, hold the "bling bling" and still make a bold statement as you tear up the roads or trails, it is easy to see why this shoe won so many awards coming out the gate.


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