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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beware of the Fall Fein Runner

All summer they've told you and anyone else who would listen that they were either running or thinking about running and when they finished running they posted it so you were aware of their running exploits-sounds utterly familiar?

On road returning from RnRPhilly
If I didn't know any better I'd think this blogger was describing me, both hands up I'm guilty as pegged. At the height of the bell curve I sounded the alarm to announce daily updates, as I slide down the other side I've become protective of the investment  I made during the summer.

Tea and FREE WiFi
With 6miles on tap today, I laced up peeked my head out the door for a gauge of the temperature so I'd know what to wear-ok I'm going to need a  lite jacket and singlet.  My throat was scratchy eyes glazed and head felt congested-not sick just blah blahs. 

Ok where am I supposed to be looking
I dipped back in the house for a jacket and now it's drizzling, no problem it's just an EZ 6miles I'll be finished before it rains.  

Really is that what you want to do? Huh? Who said that? Is what, I want to do?  Do you really want to sacrifice all your summer training investment for an EZ 6mi in the rain and risk getting sick?  Ohio, I hear Ya, but what's the alternative-The Dreadmill".  No not "The Dreadmill".

Ohio don't want no treadmill
Learning to handle running withdrawals is critical towards the downward slide of your training cycle. Chasing that runners high like fein is bad idea.

Looking for my next fix, 6mi and running doesn't seem like it's the buzz I need curb my running addiction.  A few more miles will give me that euphoric feeling I'm craving.

Not my 1st Choice but I got it done
As the miles wane at the end of my fall training cycle the blah blahs start to creep in.  Itching for more miles reflecting on summer runs in the heat the dreadmill wasn't the runcrack high I was feigning.  I wanted something more but, was reminded of Meb's column in the September's issue of Competitor Magazine.  "When we're healthy and feeling good, we always want to do more.  It's hard to hold back.  But it's important to remind ourselves to conserve our energy and stay healty".

Kara Goucher recent blog: The Return was the confirmation, icing on the cake a sweet ending and reminder to stay focused healthy positive and seek inspiration from others.


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