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Monday, September 8, 2014

Are You A Social or Anti Social Runner?

"I Do It For The Smiles"

Runners are strange birds who love to fly myself included.  Some are Eagles who soar alone while hunting for a PR and others take flight in a flock. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to logging miles.  Some runners like the group dynamic others prefer to go solo.  How do you roll?

At this time I fall into the latter segment. But, I'm not anti social and I'm not alien despite how the angle of this picture turned out.

On Second Thought I shouldn't have posted this pic...
Lately I've been drawn to the trail.  I find it energizing.  I enjoy seeing bikers, walkers and runners getting their workout on.  It's a fascinating romantic dance led by older couples walking holding hands, riding bikes or running together.

Their fitness level size shape height width age or color doesn't matter to me, when our paths cross and eyes connect I acknowledge their GRIND. "I do it for the smiles".  

You gotta have a little fun

I'm not running around with a smile plastered on my face like the Joker.  And I'm not a social butterfly stopping in the middle if my run to make conversation with random strangers.

A simple thumbs up to acknowledge their presence is suffice.  Smiles are contagious when I flash mine some usually returns the gesture.

Don't Take Yourself too Serious

Nailing a pace is important to me and I try not to let it stand in the way of good old fashion manners.  "Hello how you doin" Today's run was no exception.

Even off the path during a bio pit stop at The Home Depot I made time to speak with one of the customers.  Decked out with my Ultimate Direction Vest one of the customers wanted to know where I got it from and how much it cost.  One too many questions with nature knocking and I was drawing a blank.

AK Ultimate Direction Vest Lite Weight No Bounce

When the words finally spilled out before I made a mess all over the place.  I said: Ahhhh it was Amazon around hundred bucks and took off down the aisle for the restroom.

It wasn't an overly hot day for my 22 miles.  I found it odd that I was so thirsty.  On my return loop I had to stop in a restaurant to refill my 18oz water bottles.

Double fisting it with UD Bottles to Go

Around the 20mile mark I was ready to quit but, I stuck it out and ran the last 2miles with heart.

Where did your runs or races take you this weekend?


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