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Monday, January 12, 2015

Newton BOCO AT Shoe Review

"Off road adrenaline junkies looking for their winter sole mate."  It reads like a classified ad on a dating website, does that caption describe you?  If it does, respond to newtonrunning.com or run down to your LRS and try on a pair. 

The BOCO AT isn't a new shoe, it just happens to be the latest addition to my library.  I caught a glimpse of the female version on RSG's FaceBook page and was intrigued, I don't know if filters were applied but, the shoe looked incredible-and I had to see it up close and personal.

The Newton BOCO AT features a 3mm drop
Newton introduced new colors this fall and while I'm usually not a fan of bland colors, I am digging the new option, I initially grabbed the SOL because it whispered check me out and it was bright.  Catlin at Fleet Feet Sports in Hartford talked me out of it and suggested the BOCO AT, given our New England winters-women are usually right, so I conceded and I don't regret my choice.

The BOCO AT's Upper is treated with a durable repellent coating and closed-mesh 
The BOCO AT weighs in at 9.6oz with a 3mm drop.  The hood is treated with a durable repellent coating, closed-mesh upper that helps to block out dirt and debris. 

There's a lazer-perforated synthetic suede saddle for a midfoot-comforting fit, along the toe there's a durable toe bumper to aid in the protection of your toes on the trails.

Durable Rubber toe guard offers protection from trail hazards
The rear of the BOCO AT is decked out with a reflective logo and heel tab for visibility during your night runs.
Glasses are purchased separately
And, just like any first date they're questions you have after you get home, perhaps they arise over coffee, but it's too soon to ask the other party about your reservations-so you grin and pretend, its all good. 

The tongue is attached to the upper with a gusset to help block dirt and debris.
And so it was with my Newton BOCO AT's, the fit on the upper in my 12.5 was a bit sloppy.  While it wrapped my arch properly, when I looked at the face of the shoe I wasn't happy with the bunching-like a bad hair day-sizing down resolved the problem.

The BOCO AT is equipped with 4 lugs in a multi-directional pattern for optimal traction.  


Tuned Action/ReactionTM technology in the midfoot
Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
Soft, single-density EVA midsole provides optimal cushioning and comfort
ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sockliner

I've gotten several miles in the BOCO AT on the pavement for training, during a 5K race in NY and in the snow.  Once I got the sizing resolved it provided a much better fit, my arch was wrapped nicely, the BOCO AT provided excellent grip and my feet stayed dry. The BOCO is responsive and light for a trail shoe...  For those that like the look of Newton shoes but, may be apprehensive about their lugs, the BOCO AT would help in alleviate your fears, I didn't notice the lugs at all during my run.  Peter reviewed his thoughts on the BOCO when they were introduced in 2013: (see his review here).  The BOCO AT has been my go to slush around in the snow shoe, when the summer roles around I plan on taking the SOL for a spin.


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