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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wake Up Those Ask Muscles

Sitting for long periods of time can cause our glutes to fall asleep on the job while we're running.  My ask muscles seemed to have been on an extended vacation, but they are slowly returning to work.  I've been on my BQ kick for two weeks, incorporating Spinning Yoga and Strength training to my routine and I'm proud to say I'm starting to see results.  Sometimes you just need a swift kick to wake up those ask muscles! 

Today was my last long run before my Trail Marathon in PA Grand Canyon and I set a new 10K PR 48:25 Whoot Hoo!!!  Virtual High 5's to everyone!!!

I was stoked when the results flashed across the screen-(48:25.6 Fastest 10k).  Investing time in gym pays off.  If you don't have time to wake up those glutes in the gym, Runners world has a "Glute routine" you can do in the comfort of your home.  Just in case your curious to see if your Heinies are sleeping on the job you can, they also put out a simple test.

After my Spinning Class Saturday morning I sat down to take this picture.  No, that wasn't the only reason, but while I was sitting I figured why not.  

I changed from my cycling shoes into my running shoes for time on the treadmill.  The Fairfield Half was the last time my Brooks Glycerin's 12 seen some sole time.

With a pending video  shoe review in the works it would be good to have a fresh run under my belt in the ultimate ride. 

Here's the preview of Sneakerholic's Shoe Video Review.  Feel free to share your thoughts I'd like to hear them.  Remember to Give Relentless Immediate Nutrition to your Dream... Grind.

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