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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Garmin 610 Training Tool...

Back in training mode with a new tool, can you guess what it is?  No it's not a new pair of kicks-although the thought did cross my mind especially with the reviews the new Hoka Clifton's received from Runners World and Competitor Magazine.

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The Garmin 610 will be replacing the FR10.  After my experience with the nike sports+ band on Sunday, I decided it was time to upgrade.  If you've used the Garmin 610 please share thoughts tips and tricks I'd love to hear them.

I missed my FedEx driver this morning but, Bill left his number on the slip with a message to give him a call and he'd stop back before 5pm.  So I did and sure enough he doubled back, in the time it took him to return I was able to pick up a bottle of water from the gas station down the block from my house for him and a tip when he arrived.  I appreciate EXTRAordinary service, that's going above and beyond!!!

Chloe-(my oldest daughter) gave me this running diary a few years ago for my bday and I never used it.

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Now is the ideal time for me to utilize it as I start training seriously for Hartford CT Marathon in October.  

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Ode to running something....

When the mood swings and my balance is off kilter I relax on a run in the evening.

Like the tide that rolls back into position so you can enjoy a day at the beach my pattering feet tap the concrete BOOM BAT.. Music playing in my ears I forget who's on. It's just BOOM BAT that gets me going and soon I'm gone.

lost in the song free in the beat... Swinging my arms with every step I take.  Inhale.... exhale.... yeah I'm gone.  My record comes on I can feel a surge of energy and urge to hit the dance floor but I've got two left feet, my rhythm is off. 

Synapse pop it's the BOOM Bat... The message is sent and received feet keep going.  My heart revs up, blood flowing quicker and sweat beading on my forehead trickling down my face. 

My shirt is soaked but I ain't slowing down my song just came on and it's 3min long.  I'm singing along but this ain't an R&B song... It's  the BOOM BAT... Heavy bass and snare at 180 BPM I'm just having fun jamming on the run.

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