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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taper Week... Carbs Wanted to Stock Glycogen Stores.

With less than 5 days left before PA Grand Canyon Trail Marathon its time to taper and start focusing on filling the vats with fuel to take me through 26.2 miles.

Carbo Blasting is critical and the net is filled with trailer loads of information on how to do it, so I won't spend too much time on the topic.  I was reminded on Sunday about the importance of carbo-loading while reading an article from Jason and Matt from Strength Running on the subject.  

A wise man told me read two books and then make up your own mind, so here's another point of view on How To Carb-Load.  Final word on the topic find out what works for you and stock those glycogen stores to the brim before any endurance activity lasting more than 90 minutes.

When I ran my first marathon Yvonne-(my sister) prepared a Bow tie with pesto, beans and potatoes dish, it was the bomb.

Monday was a rest day so I took it easy, but was back in the gym this morning.  According to the plan I focused on legs low weight high reps, shot some hoops and ran an intense mile on the treadmill.  BAM!!! In/out feet up relaxing drinking a Mocha Frappe, NOT!  Not as if there's anything wrong with that, I had a protein shake. lol.

I'm usually not a red meat eater but I had a taste for steak this morning with eggs.  No offense to my non meat eaters.  

It was refreshing to be attended to by such an engaging attentive professional waitress; I almost forgot I was in Ihop.

After running a few errands I tried a tip Redd The Marathon Maniac shared, the famous ice bath.  "It's easy man stop being a punk, just keep your clothes on and get in"  Yeah about that, maybe at some point in the future; today I was just doing my feet.

Awwwwe what a feeling and yes I kept my socks on.  Wish me luck on Sunday and always feel free to leave your running tips for success.  

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