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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trail Marathon 3 Days & Counting Till Race Day

Every Saturday my Mom would line us up for a dose of Castor oil and oh how we hated the taste-(some more than others).  That's kinda how I'm feeling about pasta at this stage.  Don't get me wrong I like pasta, after my workout today I had a bowl.

Wednesday was my second session of Yoga, "Awwwe the ultimate stretch".  I could be imagining this but, it felt as if the session was tailored for me-(It was probably just a co-winkydink).  While yoga is a new experience for me the awkward feeling is vanishing slowly.

After breakfast today 3miles was on tap and I enjoyed drinking in the 24min run.  However, a few blocks in my MP3 quit playing, was this a sign from the running gods to go unplugged?  The thought of eliminating music from my runs has crossed my mind, but today was not the madden voyage. 

How do you enjoy your time on the pavement with or without music?  Check out what Boston Magazine has to say about running unplugged.  Let me know your thoughts on running unplugged.

Giving my feet a break from sneakers and shoes in my #fabfind from Marshall's, a pair of Birki's for $16 what a deal.  

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