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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yoga For Runners... Have you tried it?

Wednesday was my first yoga class.  Sure I'd watched videos and heard Russell Simmons practiced it, but there's nothing like physically being present experiencing it firsthand.  Directly after my circuit workout I had a cup of coffee/butter with a little bagel #mydunkinstory and it was off to Yoga.

Hmmm... now that I think about we were introduced to yoga in gym class.  The passage of times limited some moves however, I was encouraged to see older participants executing several poses with ease.  As runner looking to qualify for Boston I can see the benefit of incorporating yoga in my  training.  Staying flexible helps even right down to your pinky toes and these tools help keep me in shape.

Runners World offers a series of Yoga Videos-(Essential, Power, Core, Recovery, Beginners and my favorite title Yoga on a Roll).  For all my yoga practitioners and runners I'd like to hear your thoughts on, how yoga has impacted your performance as a runner, leave a comment.

With less than two week left for my Trail Marathon in PA's Grand Canyon it's taper time.  The rest of my day was spent on the campaign trail, yes I decided to put my name in the ring for Runners World Cover Magazine Contest.  "iRun to add days to my life... Life to my days".  Feel free to vote. You can vote once a day from now until August 15, 2014.  Visit Runners World Cover Contest to cast your vote. 

This message was sponsored and approved by supporters of the Oxley campaign.   Lol...  I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I came home.  My 2nd set of Hoka inserts arrived.  Yeah me. My Rapa Nui's only came with barefoot insert so those gems at Hoka sent out the other pair.

I had a taste for something lite for dinner tonight, I whipped up a spinach, strawberry, blueberry and avocado salad.

Today is my recovery 6mile run and I'll get to try out my #FABFIND for the day that I picked up at TJ Max, normally $40 on sale for $19.99.  You gotta love a sale, am I alone on this?  Stay Hydrated folks.  Happy Thursday... 

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