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Friday, July 18, 2014

How to develop a BQ Plan

Sitting in DD today running the numbers, scratching my head listening to Amy Winehouse and Nas-(Cherry wine) I quipped is it just simple math to BQ?  243-200=BQ.  No not at all.  But, it has to come up at some point, so that's going to be my launching pad.

243 min is the equivalent of my best marathon time 4:03 and 200 min or 3:25 is what I need to BQ-(I built in 5min).  I have to run a 7:63 avg pace in order to hit my target.

Alfie what does it all mean?  It means you have to get to work on building a solid plan.  Reflecting on my running habits and training I decided to prune anything that wasn't fruitful and sow new habits.

Two weeks ago I decided to quit ice cream, I was giving up on Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan.  I'm proud to report that I haven't blacksliden.  Celebrating milestones is a great motivational tool to help keep you on track.

After assessing my training I tweaked a few things.  I incorporated a consistent strength training routine and introduce Yoga and Spinning to my repertoire.  After a few sessions I was able to lean forward balance on one leg to take this picture.

Since my BQ quest I'm starting to see/feel  changes in body and on my runs.  PA Trail Marathon Long Run by divanrun at Garmin Connect - Details Recovery Run by divanrun at Garmin Connect - Details .

Being present in the moment I'm learning to enjoy the journey and discover more about myself in the process.  For example my balance is off and my left leg is stronger than my right leg; armed with this information design a plan to get the most from my workouts.

Recently a couple of friends and family members asked "what would be the best shoe to use in the gym"?  Before I made any recommendation, I asked them what they were looking to do.  Realizing that balance is an area of opportunity for me,  I was faced with the same question.  What shoe would be best for me to use to improve my balance?  Here's what I came up with the "Skinny Jeans Running Shoe". -(I'll give you a brand names: New Balance and Merrell you'll have to come up with the model names lol...).

The minimal soles of "Skinny Jean Shoes" allow your feet closer ground contact and activates different muscles that assist increasing balance/strentgh.  

I 'll continue to work on my range of motion in my hips and ankles because they're a critical part in the kinetic chain.  Last minute thought I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt that says 243-200=BQ, let me know your thoughts.  Feel free to share your BQ Stories or training tips.  


  1. What is that blue apparatus you're working out with?

  2. @Yvonne Oxley it called a Prostretch