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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Saucony ISO FIT Vs Brooks Glycerin 12... When Brands Collide Who Will Survive?

When Lawrence Fishburne posed the question in the Matrix, Blue or Red, we sat on the edges of our seats wondering which one would be chosen, fast forward to today in a few forums when I asked you to choose, blue or black pill the overwhelming majority selected the blue pill, 72% to be exact, 28% liked the black pill. 

When Brands Collide Who Will Survive?
The reasons varied from "always bet on black" to the random-which I love, "the laces on the blue pill will be more visible at night".  It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a bright shoe and I discovered today I'm not alone, isn't great to discover  you're some what normal.  Elizabeth was like "blue, I find obnoxious colored shoes much better", then there was Kristen who felt "black was sexier".  

I was immediately able to identify the sneaker addicts, they were the ones encouraging me to get both kicks, why choose?  And if I wasn't convinced they added, "you can always rotate and extend the life of both shoes"-now that a sales pitch.

The heel counter in ISOFit has more cushioning than the G12
So without any further fan fare on to the battle.  In the blue corner we have the newcomer, Saucony's ISO FIT, who according to Road Runner Sports weighs in at 10.3oz and 20% more "Cush" than its predecessor-(see my review of the Saucony ISO FIT  for additional details)

This nods and whispers come closer 
In the black corner we have the veteran, Brooks Glycerin12 who also received a face lift this year but, continued using the same name.  Running Warehouse has the Vet tipping the scales at 11.7oz. and 25% more cushioning than the BioMoGo mid sole from the G11.

The Improved segmented crash pad in the sole and beveled heel
contribute to a smooth transition.
Both shoes fall under the neutral category and cost basically the same thing, save a nickel for the Saucony ISO.  I had all but forgotten about the G12,  the last I ran in them was during a half marathon this past summer.  Since it was so long ago I pulled them out of the library today for the heavyweight battle.  With 5 miles on deck, my plan was to lace up one of each shoe for the first 2.5 miles, then pop home, switch sides and finish my workout.  

Mean green neon and blue trim highlights 
I was curious to see who end up on top would it be the Vet knocking out the Newcomer.  It was brick outside, I was almost tempted to stay inside once I stopped home for the switch.

Saucony makes a sexy shoe.... Overall it provides a better fit for my foot.
Would it be the newcomer, knocking out the Vet, like Mike did his opponents in the 90's, I entered into this experiment with an open mind, this would be my version the Coke and Pepsi challenge of ole.  There's no question both are solid trainers and for the most part it's going to come down to your personal preference, "flash and dash or funeral black".  Once I laced up, I remembered what I didn't like about the G12 see the video for details.

Hands down the Saucony has more "cush"  but not to be confused with a mushy feeling, where you get lost in the shoe; don't get me wrong the G12 is not a wooden chair-it has plenty of cush.  The G12 has a firmer feeling, which some may prefer, for a quicker turnover.  I was really impressed with how refreshed my legs felt after my Half this summer in the G12.  

Final Thoughts:

If you have a higher volume foot and prefer a firmer ride the G12 will work fine for you, some even think it makes you look like a superhero-like Batman.  But, if you like "cush" in a "Jay Z Blue" then the ISO Fit would be the shoe for you.  I'm not much of a heel striker but, I intentionally did so on the run to see how both shoes would respond and if you crash land on your heel they both offer sufficient support.  The ISOFit, in my opinion offers a smoother transition, the fit and look are Badass!!  If looks could kill the G12 would be dead, the ladies version knocks it out of the park, that's a "freakin smokin hot shoe".  Mizuno used to lead off with the bland squad in their line up and it irritated the heck out of me, this year they came out the gate swinging for the fences, with the WR18!!! if you missed that review check it out here: Mizuno WR18 Review).  Thanks for your contributions, I appreciate your input.


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