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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saucony Triumph ISO Review

WHOA! WHOA! Call the coroner there's been a murder Saucony killed the Triumph.  And plans on assassinating the competition with the new ISO Fit Series.

The #ISOFITSOFINE.  I owed two pairs of the Triumph 10's a few years back and used them to log my LSR.  And while I didn't own the 11's it doesn't matter because the ISOFit Triumph is a totally different shoe.

Revolutionary Upper Meets Luxurioulsy Plush Platform

I usually see a minor tweaks from one version to the next, but the Triumph received a complete overhaul-retaining only the name.  This is certainly a victory for the brand and runners making it a win-win situation.  

The low profile cushioned feeling underfoot coupled with the premium materials attracted me to the Triumph 10 when I was in the market for daily trainer and the new revitalized Triumph continues the tradition.

20% More Cushion and increased stack height.

During the autopsy of the Triumph 11 Saucony figured out what worked and didn't  throughout the baby with the bath water.  So rest assured when you slip on the new ISO Triumph you won't be disappointed.  Saucony resolved the heel slippage issue that some runners found annoying. 

The new Triumph still offers an 8mm off set but it now sits on a beefier platform with 20% more cushioning than its predecessor.  

Saucony Yanked the Shank and replaced it with Foam Carbon Rubber Pods

Saucony is still using their IBR Technology and PowerGrid in the undercarriage, but they've yanked the shank, replacing it with foam carbon rubber pods and additional flex grooves.

No worries, the absence of the shank didn't negatively impact the stability of the shoe.  During my runs the ISO adapted to my feet and offered a comfy ride.

Elevated Fit with a Sock Like feel

The most notable changes to the Triumph were made to the upper.  Saucony ditched their Sauc-Fit upper for the new improved ISO Fit Sock liner with its Floating Support Carriage that craddles your foot.

The ISO Fit Triumph is one of 5 shoes that I took with me on vacation and was by far the most cushioned. 

Floating Support Carriage Cradles The Foot

I'm glad Saucony resisted the temptation to venture into "maxi-movement" as they tried to do with the Kinvara 5 making it a sub par update IMO, which moved the shoe away from its core.  

With the Triumph they demonstrated restraint tempering the stack heights and cushion but not skimping on quality.

New Beefy Profile without extra fatty Cushioning

The ISO Fit Triumph is decked out with premium material offering a plush luxurious ride and superior comfort.  My runs in the ISO Fit have been pleasant and forgiving on my joints.

With a revolutionary upper luxuriously plush platform optimized geometry and material, the ISO Fit works with your stride to help maintain a fluid transition.

Additional Flex Grooves For an Enhanced Ride

The ISO Fit will certainly make its way into my line up for mid and LSR.  Weighing in at 9.0oz for women and 10.3oz for men, the Triumph ISO is suited for a neutral runner looking for an incredibly cushioned ride. View You Tube video for details on the ISO Fit Triumph.

The ISO is probably the best shoe update of 2014.  Saucony is calling it their most cushioned trainer ever, with a fit that adjust dynamically to your foot.

Superior Comfort That Moves in Harmony with the Foot

The ISO is a solid update, the only I didn't care for was extra cushioning in the heel counter, is it a deal breaker? No, its just so much of it, I guess that's the price you pay for luxury.  For more on ISO FIT Series including the Triumph and Zealot swing by: Sam's Running People Places and Things. 


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