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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Run Like You're In Your Shower...

Singing in the shower isn't a new phenomenon, many people imagine themselves as Beyoncé doing the booty dance on stage or Amy Winehouse, Adele, Meghan Trainor, Jay Z or who every your favorite artist might be, plug their name in above and let's move on.  The combination of the aucustics and privacy of your bath room gives you the courage to be a badass, singing on or off key.

This practice spills out of the shower booth into bars and nite clubs in the form of karaoke.  I can't sing but I do dream and imagine myself performing in different venues.  Growing up in Brooklyn I was like most kids, spending hours in the park dribbling a basket ball, imaging myself making the winning shot in a championship game.  For me it was basket ball, I don't know what it was for you-maybe it was hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse, golf or tennis. 

When I started running the only thing on my mind, was why the hell were my legs burning and itching.  When I found out people paid to endure the pain, I was like hell nah, you kidding me. But, soon I found myself forking over the dough and traveling out of town for a race.

How To Run Like You're In The Shower

Somewhere on the planet there's probably a nude race, running in the nude isn't what I'm alluding to in this post, running like you're in the shower means catching a glimpse of yourself performing as your favorite elite athlete.  For me it's a way to past the time, focus on my form and breathing, it happens sometimes when a dark car pulls up next to me and I see my reflection.  

I was curious to see if it was just me being weird or did other runners imagine themselves running as an elite, so I took the net with this question: 

"On your runs do you ever imagine yourself as an elite runner if so who? For me sometimes it's Meb as he's coming down the stretch in his Boston Victory at other times it's Ryan Hall, most recently it's been Kipsang"  Who is it for you?

Ryan Hall Ole Ole


I Know its not Boston finish of Meb, but I like this pic
As the responses started rolling, I realized I wasn't alone, Tanya said: "Oh I imagine I'm an elite, and then I see a race photo and I look like an elite hippo, Ha! Hey, in my head I'm Kara freakin Goucher.  Whatever keeps me moving.😄

Kara Freakin Goucher
Shelly fantasizes that she's Anton Krupicka's twin sister during her Long runs, wishing she had his carefree easygoing running stride.

Anton Krupicka... Luv my AK Ultimate Direction Vest for long runs..
Brenda and a few others, imagine themselves as Deena Kastor winning Chicago, she's a fierce competitor.

She's focused man!!! 
Bill Rodgers and Ted Corbitt were favorites also, someone even mentioned prime time Deon Sanders.😁 

Bill Rodgers

Ted Corbitt
For Amanda and Katie it was Shalane, "Always Shalane.  And her ponytail awesome effortless form".


That kick and lift is crazy... Flight Time

I though of mentioning Shalane but, that woulda been odd for certain.  Getting out kicking up asphalt doesn't have to be a chore, break up the monotony with some creative mind games.  What do think about on your runs to keep you engaged?

Mary just looked so cool and relaxed here I had to add her.

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