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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Strategies for the Off-Season... Well maybe Just 1 or 2....

To be honest I don't know what's worse adjusting to the taper or the off season, yes I said off season.  I hope I'm not violating some runners creed etched in the pavement somewhere that says "though shalt run always except the Sabbath"-that's 313 days in case you were wondering, I know because I just did the math-it wasn't hard. lol!! 

Even elite athletes take breaks-(check out Competior's take on subject) and since I was recently called an athlete by Habid in my local Gulf station-I will take a break during the off season.  After one of my runs I stopped in the station for chocolate milk and a Cliff Bar; Habid is always cordial and is especially intrigued because I run like a mailman.  

"Hello my friend" this is how he greets once he hears the bells on the front door jingle and sees me make a bee line for the cooler and then sweep over to grab my Clif Bar.  When I finally reach the counter, Habid says: "Can I ask you a question?"  Sure, what's up?  "Are you an athlete or something?"  I was stumped for a few seconds, because until that precise moment, I considered myself a runner.  In the space between his last word and my next, I tried to figure out how to answer his question, to keep him from waiting I said: nah I'm just training for a marathon.  "Oh, ok because I see you all the time running, even in the cold and rain". Yeah, "I'll take a break soon", as I collected my stuff and headed out the door.  On my way up the hill to my house I shook my head in a slow confident assurance, "I guess I am an athlete".  For more off season tips checkout Runnersworld spin.

During my supposed layoff from training I tune in to Marlon at Lean Fast Strong on IG and Shauna Harrison who's also on IG for some daily challenges to keep from going stir crazy during the blistering cold and dating Dreadmiller.  These two are killing it!!! And I swear they be trying to kill me when I attempt some of their moves. What do you do to keep sane?  Leave a comment and let me know...-(go on leave a comment now... lol) I decided to tackle a restoration project.  

Look past the flaws and scratches 
That's not entirely the truth,  I didn't step out the house on Saturday looking for a desk to restore-I was looking for one to purchase.  But not IKEA, I wasn't up for the drive or the building project afterwards with the hex nuts, directions and left over parts.

Character stands the test of time
My first stop was the Goodwill, where I snaked my way through the clothing aisles to the furniture section and there she was waiting for me.  A little battered worn with a bow on top.  I could see the potential underneath the nicks and scratches, she was flexible with character and personality.  Whoa $9.99!!  She was inexpensive not cheap, my eyes turned into high beams while I admired my discovery.  

As I'm checking out my desk-(yeah I claimed but hadn't paid for it, yet!), I hear the guy next to me say  "that's a nice desk" I quickly translated that to-if you walk away from that desk I'm going to buy it and stick in my daughters room, promise to restore and never do it.  I gave him the stank eye and moved quickly.  The tag was perforated and instructed me to bring the bottom portion to the cashier.  Yeah, okay, I'm not following directions today with this eagle hovering over this helpless desk that was in need of some TLC.

See the potential in even in adversity, start plotting your next move!!

Avery and Capril were promintely etched in the top of the desk, as I stood hunched staring at the inscription and unrecognizable impressions, I wondered how the desk made its way to the Goodwill.  Who were the previous owners?  Was it a married couple moving into a new house and didn't want to carry the piece with them?  I don't maybe they argued about it, "just throw it out", No! Somebody can use it.  After a long frustrated sigh they suggest taking it to Goodwill.  Thank you unknown stranger I appreciate.

I figured I'd spend more for the paint and fixens than I did the desk.  What's missing from the above picture?  The brushes!!! Correct-I picked up two cheapo China bristle brushes and forgot them on the paint counter.

Remake yourself during the off season, start building a base!!! At your core you Rock!!

Fortunately, I had a back up at home, because it would have sucked to go back out to store.  Time to get down to work, the first step is to clean off, and sand the desk so the base coat will have something to stick to.  After sanding you can use a tack cloth to remove the excess sawdust, I just used a damp paper towel-it worked fine.

There's something therapeutic about sanding painting or cleaning in small doses that helps me see clear to solution when I have a lot on my mind.  And I did, not heavy, I just needed to sort through a few things.  With that in mind I applied the krackle after the base coat, krackle is a solution that gives your piece that distressed look.  CeCe Caldwell uses Elmer's glue to achieve the same effect or affect you pick... Lol. Click here for her video.

Apply the peekaboo color as the base 1st allow it to dry then add the Krackle...

So here's the pickle, when I started my blog I jumped in the swallow end with no expectations; it was and still is a passion, a labor of love.  With 74 post completed, thousands of visitors from around the world and the curtain closing on 2014, I was faced with the inevitable question: Where do I go from here?

According to directions the krackle is supposed to stay on for 3-5hrs, but don't let it completely dry, otherwise it is back applying more krackle.  While the Krackle was drying I grabbed a cup of coffee from DD, surfed the web then headed back home to check on the desk. 

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

The krackle was dry to the touch so I applied the top coat... Ahhh things are starting crack up!!!  I'm pleased with the outcome thus far, the finally step would be to apply some aiging dust and wax-both of which I don't have.

Thought of adding an asphalt street theme down the center And sneaker logos on the fringe

Late night coffee keeps me up, now I'm wired and inspired when I should be sleeping-instead I'm heading to my 24hr Wal-Mart looking for aging dust and wax.

I may paint the legs black or burnt orange... hmmm.. 

I was 0-2 !! But I did find a Mac Life magazine, with a road map and tools to help me plot my next steps-its going to be a wonderful expedition.  

I'm bout that Mac Life.....
At my core I'm a Runr4lyfe, but that the name is used in multiple variations already and I was okay with that at first. But now that I'm considering going to another level I've got to look at myself as a BRAND.  This point was reinforced by an inboxed conversation on FB and Ole book in my Library by Catherine Kaputa, UR a BRAND! 

Its always cool reading your old notes in the margins...
Before my caffeine high wore off and I driffted into wonderland, I opened up the magazine and download a few GET apps, HeyDay, Litely and Drawing Desk

I had turned the idea of branding over to my subconscious for a solution before I called it a night, heck, let him work I was tired.  After a few Zzzzzz the caffeine and water triggered my bladder alarm and there's no hitting the snooze button when that thing goes off. so I took the stroll to the btrm.  When I snuggled back in bed I started doodling with the Drawing Desk App and this came out.  Stay tuned for the finished version.

Yeah I know its hard to read... "Running Maven"
On FB I asked: "What do you call the intersection where contemporary and antique meet and got a some responses here are a few: Jim said "Today or Present", Angeline added Modern or Vintage, Tom's response reminded me of a line from "Picasso Baby" "Vintage Modern"  Hope tossed in "Shabby Chic"...  What do you think?

"Shabby Chic" the intersection of modern and contemporary 
Tackling a furniture restoration project is just one strategy for coping during the off season and it proved successful me.  Don't get it twisted I'm still running and working out though.


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