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Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Rewind... A 5k Glance at The Highlights

Facebook's marketing suggestions based on my site visits elsewhere and ads telling me that one of my friends likes a particular dating site, or web page, is hilarious to me.  What if they didn't want anyone to know? Oops, too late.  And if I was predisposed to conspiracy theories, I'd get an eerie feeling in my gut big bother was watching my every move and it would make all my leg hairs salute, right down to the few on my big toe.  I did like my sentimental recap, it triggered this post-the idea must have come from his scrap booking big sister, Matilda.

Last year I posted a collage pic of images from my marathons.  I finished 2 full and 3 half marathons.  In the comment section I wrote a sappy comment: "Something special happens as you prepare during the weeks leading up to the race, the night before, the morning after and then there's the race.  Some people are going for their personal best or seeking a sense of accomplishment".  Those were a few of the ramblings that echoed in my head and I stand by them today.  

2013 Year in Review
When the show closed on 2013 and the curtains opened for 2014, I didn't have a long list of races scheduled, but I knew I was going to run, in races and around town for the sheer pain, sweat and fun of this crazy endurance sport.  This year I completed 3 Full and 4 Half Marathons and enjoyed every millimeter.  Cheshire was the first marathon in 2014 and it was my 1st time fund raising for a cause, with the help of family and friends we raised over $500.00 for Best Buddies in Ct-I set a conservative goal and finished 104% of my target).

Running Buddies not to be confused with Best Buddies of CT
Cheshire Half Marathon... Brooks Launch

In June I followed up Cheshire with the Stratton Faxon Half in Fairfield CT.  June was also my first blog post-a review of the Adios Boost V2.  After Fairfield, I photo copied my marathon training plan and posted it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder.  Between Late June and early July, I was attacked by a Hobo Running Bug-(Full disclosure enclosed in my up coming ebook).  In a nutshell the Hobo Running Bug bite causes nausa delusions and hallucinations in runners, experts attribute it to the number one reason, runners want to qualify for Boston-in essence they become Unicorn Hunters.  

FairField Half Brooks Glycerin 12's

The first 2 quarters of the year I wasn't blogging, but that changed when Dr Adios Boston suggested keeping a journal as a way of stave the side effects of the HRBB-(Hobo Running Bug Bite).  Things really started boiling after the PA Grand Canyon marathon in July.  

PA Grand Canyon Marathon Hoka Rapa Nui 2 
In June I moved from Bridgeport to Wallingford to be closer to my job and discovered new running routes and trails to conquer-with cows down the block from my house.  To keep my sanity, I run and write.  Inspired on a run, the idea of weekly challenges was born and I milked it until the week before the Sam Elprin Half Marathon in September, where I set my first Half PR of the season.  Two weeks later I broke that PR in the city of Brotherly love.

RnR Philly Hoka Clifton's

The anticipation of running NU Hartford this year was had me amped because, I had determined to qualify for Boston.  Let my Stuper Ego tell you the story, I punk'ed out because of a little rain and cold, "You shoulda man'ed up and went ghost busters, balls to the wall, but nah, you ran conservatively).  The rational, less aggressive voice in my head was thinking about my safety-guess who's laughing at me as I punch the keys?  Yes, Stuper Ego-its all good I don't take myself to seriously.  

NU Hartford Boston Boost 5
My last Marathon was MCM, it was initially scheduled as coaster run for the experience.  But, since, my BQ attempt was pushed back, cruising wasn't an option.  Two weeks to recovery from a marathon and then run another one full tilt, was my Stuper Ego's attempt at being rational-it worked. Lol.

MCM the original  world record holder Adidas Adios   

All in all 2014 was my most fulfilling, enriching, rewarding, challenging and creative summer's to date-running did that and I'm grateful.  Setting goals, pushing myself beyond the fringes of my limits into uncharted territory-was scary boisterous, discovering gems in a lively organic introspective manner that couldn't be achieved in a sedentary state.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me, Happy Holiday's and a Runtastic Prosperous New Year!!!!  


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