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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dreams Don't Live on Shelves... Run after yours in 2015

Freddie came home at the end of his shift with a book that someone left behind on the bus, he said "most of these things get tossed in the trash-no one every claims them, so it was free game".  Freddie was a NYC Bus Dispatcher, he's since retired from that job, he was my father in law but, after the divorce that stopped and now he's just Freddie.  

Random thought: What if gyms posted a sign for the New Year that said, 
"No New Friends at This Time, See Us in  March if You're Serious"
When he handed me the navy blue book without a cover and worn edges I took it and turned to the spine and read the title-it was Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill.  The inside flap had a note from Sharon to her husband written in 1992, that said: "To my husband, this book has opened up many doors within me to reach for new heights.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have and together we will be able to achieve all our dreams and more."  Sharon closed the inscription with: Love your wife-and signed her name in case he forgot, along with Merry Christmas.

Thinking about how I can turn 2015 goals into Habits so they become automatic... 
I devoured that book and felt bad for Sharon's husband, having to explain that he lost the book, but those feeling were dwarf by my ginormous gratitude-the book is packed with timeless principles that predated The Secret by Rhonds Byrne.

Hmmm someone wrote a book on the topic:  The Power of Habit by, Charles Duhigg
Dreams don't live in book shelves they reside in our hearts minds and in the clouds along the highway.  Sitting in traffic, north bound on the Merritt Parkway heading to Fleet Feet Sports in West Hartford, to exhange my BOCO AT's for a 1/2 size smaller-I should have tried in the 11.5 while I was there last week.  

Newton BOCO AT.. Bring on the snow, when it starts I'll start asking for the Spring... Lol
After a few treadmill runs in them they felt fine, but they seemed to bunch in the toe box when I cinched the laces, its one of those irritating things that nag at you like a hang nail-you're better off clipping it put a band aide on it and be done, instead of gnawing your fingers raw.  

When thoughts of hangnails and BOCO's faded my gaze settled on the horizon and it was magical, what a glorious site, neatly filed away were the hopes aspirations dreams ideas and goals of millions of humans.  Across the hallway, on the South bound side were  room clouds of needs, problems standing waiting to be assigned solutions.  Then it happened, silent eruptions, Trillions of FB like button burps illuminated the sky like the 4th of July.  I'd never witnessed an Aha Storm before, what an experience.  

Pre Race at the Nyack Snow Flake  5k with Heather, Sorry for taking off its a habit... Lol
Someone, somewhere had just received an answer to a pressing problem that kept them awake at night and awakened them early most mornings without a clocky-(an alarm clock with rims, that rolls off your nite stand and forces you to give chase, to disable the snooze).

Introducing the Clocky an Alarm Clock on Wheels 

This could very well be your year to dust off some old plans, dreams goals or ideas and get to work, before someone is driving along the highway and your idea dawns on them, which will certainly give you a case of the shoulda's-don't shoulda on yourself this year, you'll have enough folks volunteering to shoulda on you at not cost and you won't have to post the position. 

Post Race with Tim "The Blur" because just like that he's gone finished in 21:00 and change...
So be weary of the shoulda heads this year, share your give up goals with them they'll help hold you accountable and you'll enjoy proving them wrong. Whatever you do, don't share your go up goals with shoulda heads.  I wish you all the best in the coming year.


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