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Monday, November 3, 2014

Keitany and Kipsang Pull off Theatrical Finishes to Win The 2014 NYC Marathon

Sunday morning I jumped up glanced at the clock and rushed out of the house thinking I would be late for the start of this years NYC Marathon as if I was racing.  It wasn't until I reached Starbucks that I realized I had an hour to spare because I didn't set set my clock back.  Even though my marathon season is over I still rise early in preparation for my long run.

I was amped at the thought of being able to watch the entire coverage of this years marathon and not just the highlight reel like I did for Boston, Chicago and Berlin.  As the coverage progressed I could feel the anticipation and electricity through my Mac.  

Talk of tackling Dennis Kimetto's world record swirled in the air the week of the marathon but, as weather reports started to roll in the likelihood of that happening today flew out the window.  Windy, Gusty Cold and head winds were just a few of the conditions the runners had to deal with at the start of the race as they headed over the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge.  

Kara Bundles up at the start... Photo credit Photo Run
The elite women lined up first to battle the cold cross winds as they headed from Staten Island to Brooklyn.  The wind can rock a 3000 lb+ car crossing the bridge so I know they had their work cut out for them heading to Brooklyn.

The Elite Women prepare to head over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge... Photo credit: Photo Run
Running in the pack in hopes of shielding some of the wind must have been on every one's mind but, it's a race and someone has to lead.  Most people feel the race doesn't start in a marathon until you reach the 20 mile marker-when I first heard that I laughed, "then what are they doing the first 20 miles"?  Conserving their energy for the long haul.  

Tuck in ladies and enjoy the ride... Photo credit: Photo Run
The women's elite field was filled with some heavy hitters and everyone has their favorites Kara, Deena, Desi, Jemima, Sara and Mary- who is your favorite?  I have tremendous respect for the women in the sport who give birth and then come back and still are able compete on an elite level-it blows my mind!! That's BEASTMODE!!!

Stay hydrated ladies... Photo Credit Photo Run:
While the weather was wreaking havoc on the runners it was taking its toll on the transmission feed also-so I missed the women picking up their water bottles and saw them drinking out of cups like the rest of the mere mortals that run marathons-and thought that was a little sexist.  I came in from off the FaceBook ledge once I realized that wasn't the case at the next water station. Lol.

The Elite Men Storm the Bridge... Photo Credit: Photo Run
Before you know they were announcing the starting 5 elite men's field and they trotted to the starting line and the build up was reminiscent of championship Basket Ball game.  As the thundering heard stormed over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge one thing was clear to me and that was Adidas Adios  Boost V2 dominated the field.  

Adidas Adios leading the field... Photo Credit: Photo Run
No doubt coming over the bridge was brutal reaching the crest must have been a welcomed reprieve as they galloped into Brooklyn.

Team Adidas taking flight coming off the bridge... Photo Credit: Photo Run
Kipsang and Mutai were one and two coming off the bridge and Mutai must have started warming up because he tossed the blue beanie.  

Meb came prepared to work... Photo Credit: Photo Run

Meb was still rocking his Skechers Beanie looking strong and was leading the pack for a few miles.  I was pissed when he missed his water bottle and he wasn't the only one who had fueling challenges, there were teammates who coordinated to share a bottle because there was some confusion on the course.  That's teamwork!!!

Desi Linden... US Women's winner 2:28:11  
The switching between the elite women and men was nerve racking.  As the women continued to make there way through the 5 Boroughs the pack thinned out and then we flashed back to the men we had someone make a move to the front.  Run Nick!!! Run!!!

Nick separated from the pack early finished 10th overall 2:15:39... Photo Credit: Photo Run

Wait when did this happen??  

It's any one's race at this point

Masato Imani finished 2:14:36... Photo Credit: Photo Run 
Imani made a move to the front and in the pics the gap looks huge and he looks strong.  But as I took a sip of my coffee would fade to black. 

Jemima and Mary would break away from the rest of the pack and battled for the lead as they headed to the finish line in Central Park.  Running hip to hip at one point, Jimima was in the lead as she glanced over her shoulder to get a gauge as to how far behind Mary was, Mary had already passed her and was on her way to the  finish line.  Omg!!! what an edge of the seat nail biting experience.  Beastmode!!

Mary Keitany Photo Credit: Photo Run
Mary crossed the finish line in victory hands clapsed in prayer!! Photo Credit: Photo run
The battle for 1st place began as the headed into Columbus Circle Photo Credit: Photo Run

You've just been "Kipsang'ed.. Photo Credit: Photo Run
The announcers comments were calmly hilarious in the plumb English tone "Desisa is an untidy runner in comparison to Kipsang who's so symmetrical and fluid" Wow he went there.  It was truly a theatrical pleasure to watch these runners battle it out in Central Park if your missed it check out the video finish here

Kipsang Starts to pull away Desisa... Photo Credit: Photo Run

Wilson Kipsang Pulls off a victory in his NYC debut winning worlds major records in the process... Photo Credit: Photo Run

As the made the final turn headed to the finish they were shoulder to shoulder, scrapping almost for every inch.  Kipsang glances over at Desisa and the look on his was classic,  as if to say "are you kidding me, is that all you got and then kicked it into 6th gear and it was over.  When asked by a reporter if he was thinking about winning the majors bonus Kipsang replied: “Yes, of course I was thinking,” he said. “The only chance for me to win the jackpot was to win this race. That’s why I was feeling very strong and I was trying to apply all the tactics to make sure that I win.”  Kipsang closed out the race and year in grand fashion winning 3 world majors.  Congrats!!!

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