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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

UCAN Be MEBNIFICENT!!! Panel Discussion Recap with Meb Keflezighi andGreg McMillian at Yale!!!

A few weeks back I went on a semi rant about how absolutely phenomenal I thought my LRS was, Fleet Feet Sports in West Hartford Rocks!!!  I was amped because I won an Adidas visor and shared a pic on my social network pages-and that's an inanimate object.  Imagine the reading on my  excitement barometer when I received an invite to meet with Meb and Greg at Yale, it was off the "Richter Scale"!  Yes I was a little giddy because I'm a fan of GREATNESS!!!  After pulling off a huge victory in Boston and then to turn around and place 4th in NYC Marathon ahead of Mutai I think he's qualified to talk about running and I was all ears.

Meb and Greg watching Jonah's Story...
As he entered the auditorium and made his way to the stage I couldn't help but think, wow television adds weight and in Meb's case height.  Watching him on TV with his chest out head up mammoth legs with an effortless stride shades beanie and fist pumping invigorating the crowd drawing energy with every step makes him seem like a giant of a man-and he is!  The auditorium erupts and he receives a standing ovation.  But, before the panel discussion started he snapped a selfie!!!

Meb with a few of his closest friends for the night at Yale

What a classy fan like move, it was clear that he was just as excited to be with us as we were to spend the evening with this living legend.  The evening started with a video about Jonah the original Generation UCAN.

Getting ready to cut the cakes... 
Its ironic because after the video there was a cake cutting ceremony and Jonah wouldn't be able to partake.  UCAN presented the Feldman family with the proceeds from the sales at  the NYC Marathon Expo. 

UCAN Be Mebnicicent Cake 
UCAN is a Connecticut based company that uses Super Starch as a key ingredient to help burn fat and regulate blood sugar levels and is the go to fuel product used by Meb.  Click here to learn more about UCAN Fuel.  I took a few notes during the panel discussion on my phone-(the people around probably thought I was goofing off tweeting texting checking email or on Facebook).  Okay I may have peaked at my feed once maybe twice.  Lol!!!

Below are a few key takeaways from Meb and Greg's Panel Discussion:

Anything can happen at the start of race with that understanding you gotta have alternate goals: go for the Win, Personal Best or Top 3.  Given the weather Sunday and how Meb felt he adjusted his tactics accordingly tapered a little after leading and then fading from the pack.  He regained his focused and then attacked passing several runners along the way including the favorite Mutai..

Greg talked about dealing with ups and downs change in plans in the training process and related it to the lessons we learn in life and the need to exercise patience tactics and most importantly remain flexible.  "Train a little less than you feel you can capable of accomplishing about 80% capacity, many people are guilty of  breaking the rule of 2's,  2 often 2 soon 2 much.. Be patient train a little less than you can do and you'll set yourself up for success long term".   Greg said the most often questions he gets asked are about shoes and fuel.  After having stomach cramps during my last two marathons I became interested in finding a fueling option that would be easy on my stomach, UCAN may just be what Dr Run ordered.

Final quote "Hard work will beat talent everyday".  In life we may be faced with set backs failures etc. What ever!!  As long as we're still here we have an opportunity to write our own story. What will you write in the next chapter of your life?


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