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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Salming Speed Review

If shoes were capable of having sibling rivalries in your closet the Distance and Speed would fight for your attention at night for an opportunity to run during the day-since that's impossible you have to decide which shoe you want to rock.  Deciding is my current dilemma-Distance or Speed?

Shortly after receiving the Distance from Salming to review, I purchased the Speed at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo and while the names of the shoes aren't original Salming's fit and comfortable feel are surprisingly unique.  Check out the review of the Salming Distance.

That's one "Sharp Looking High Performing Shoe"

The Speed is the lighter and more flexible little sister of the Distance and she's a BEAST on the road.  One of the five  shoes I decided to road test while vacationing in Barbados, I was lost on an 8mile run literally and didn't give much thought to my feet-I just enjoyed the run. 

It heats up pretty quick in Barbados once the sunrises but my feet stayed cool sitting inside the 3 Layer Honeycomb Mesh Construction.  The Speed's design is similar to the Distance with the exception of the stabilizing feature in the front of the shoe-the two stripes are removed and replaced with the Salming logo.  

Salming seemed a bit more generous with the laces in the Speed compared to the Distance
The Speed has a seamless upper with ample room in the toe box. The men's version comes in a mild neon green trimmed with hints of pastel blue and black patent leather like material that makes the shoe really pop.  The woman's Speed comes in a bright lime trimmed in purple with a white sole. Check out the pretty Speed on Salming's site.

The Salming Speed is a lightweight fast snappy shoe
Enough obsessing on the looks and colors.  The Speed features a 5mm drop weighing in at a mere 5.9oz in a women's size 7 and 7.4oz in a men's size 9.  Built for speed, the Speed is a minimalistic shoe with a surprisingly comfortable feel underfoot for such a thin midsole.  While pounding the pavement the Speed allowed me to sense the road without feeling like it was bottoming out. 

The Speed is flexible and offers a comfortable supportive ride

According to Salming the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot represents 62% of the shoe and their shoes are designed with extra stability, which end in the so-called "ballet" line. The remainder of the shoe is equipped with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot's natural movements.  The Speed and Distance fall into the  neutral running shoes category.

High Abrasion EVA is strategically placed to offer comfort and extend the life of the shoe
The "Torsion Efficiency Unit" featured in the Distance is absent in the Speed but doesn't hinder the performance of the shoe.  

The Speed offers a quick smooth transition
Salming's RunLite midsole features a special High Abrasion Injection EVA that's strategically placed to create an awesome feel for the ground while extending the life of the shoe. Visit Salming's site for "Geektails" on the Speed.

No Nonsense Running 
After logging several miles in the Speed I'm extremely happy with its performance on a variety of surfaces.  In my opinion the Speed is ideal for speed work tempo runs and a races ranging from 5k to the marathon.

3 Layer Constructed Uppers comfortable locks your feet in place while you kick back the miles
If your a fan of the Adios, Kinvara or the Skecher's Speed your feet will feel right at home in the Speed.  With the Manchester Road Race schedule next week the kicks in my closet will have a Battle Royal to determine who will have the luxury of carrying me across the finish line.



  1. While this is an old review, it is accurate to the second generation of Salming Speed as well. As a long time Kinvara fan, your last comments ring true. The speed has found a place in my rotation along with the distance.

  2. I appreciate the extent of detail. I'm a hardcore Kilkenny XC5 fan for road runs but after while they wear and I feel it. Kinvara's were thrown in a corner a long time ago. I'm searching for a new, light, half marathon/usmcPFT shoe for sprints, distance, durability and comfort and in one... Help.