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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BQ Marathon Week... Putting The BQ Blocks Together

It's marathon week so what's the big deal I've been here before not to mention I had run this course twice in the past and this wouldn't be my first marathon experience.

This picture reminds me its time to for a shave and a hair cut
NU Hartford Marathon is a local marathon less than an hour away from my home, it is the marathon that I cut running chops on and helped to define me as a runner. 

My 1st Marathon
What separates this marathon from the others is the significance I've placed on it, I selected NU Hartford as my first attempt to BQ, for those that have followed along on this journey with me I appreciate you more than you will know and for those who just tuned in to this post I set out to BQ in the summer when I quit Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  Huh, what does quitting ice have to do with running a marathon and qualifying for Boston?  Nothing really.  Preparing  for Boston takes a little more than giving up Hagaan Dazs-wait that's an understatement it takes significantly more to BQ.  Quiting ice cream was the spring board I used to jump on the road to Boston.

Gone Running Will Be Back Soon
When I think about qualifying for Boston what immediately runs to the forefront of my brain is hard work, dedication commitment consistency and sacrifice to which I'm no stranger-so this shouldn't be too difficult at least that's what I tell myself in order to stay the course.  

Sweat and discipline binds BQ Blocks Together 

With less than 5 days till NU Hartford I wanted to take a look at the blocks that I had put in place in effort to BQ.  I didn't have far to look, a few clicks through my blog, a scroll through pics on my IPhone, Garmin Connect and I was able to build a retaining wall and foundation to keep doubt at bay and give me the confidence needed to face the challenge.

There's a mental component to running

So what are the BQ blocks, how many are there and what do you use to cement them together? 

12 BQ Building 

  1. Hill Repeats
  2. Intervals, 
  3. Track Work
  4. Recovery
  5. Strength Training
  6. Diet
  7. Mental Game
  8. Fun 
  9. Weight Training
  10. Celebrate Mile Stones
  11. Don't Take Yourself Too Serious 
  12. Start a Blog or journal
Dedication commitment consistency and sacrifice mixed with sweat makes up the mortar that's used hold the BQ Blocks together-I'll elaborate in a future blog after NU Hartford on Saturday.  

Carbo-loading bow tie pasta pesto sauce
This is just a peek behind the screen as I punch the letters on the keyboard in an effort to capture my thoughts and share them with you during the days leading up to my BQ Marathon.

Red skin potatoes and green beans 

I will be hydrating cargo-loading and taking it easy the remainder of the week packet pick up and Expo Friday and race day is Saturday. 
Add pesto sauce and red wine vinegar can be served hot or cold



  1. Great article. Well written. Really hope Saturday goes well.

    1. I hope so to DJ thanks man I appreciate it...

  2. Awesome post Derek…you really took up this sport and RAN with it, I'm so proud of you and wish you continued success. Your determination is inspiring me to get back on track. Love you dearly my brother.

    1. Thanx Vone I'm glad I could repay the favor, running has been a great gift to my life