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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 Review

Fans of the Precision and Elixir were sad to see their favorite shoes fade to black but,  were assured by Mizuno that saying Sayonara to those kicks was actually saying hello to better, no wait that's Newton's tagline.  The Sayonara promised to be the beginning of a new era creating its own category as a neutral shoe that also provides exceptional support for slight over and underpronators-not sure if the prophecy was fulfilled.  Some folks embrace change and others start stock piling their favorite shoe before its completely removed from circulation.  

Weight 9.2oz (size9)
While I came close to pulling the trigger on both shoes before Mizuno yanked the plug, I didn't run in either shoe so I can't speak to the affection.  However, I did check out Sayo 1&2.  After a few treadmill runs in the first version I returned them because it was way too much room in the toebox for me.  The 2nd edition was dialed in slightly and I kept them in my collection but the uppers still weren't an ideal fit for me. 

Stack Height: 28mm (Heel), 18mm (Forefoot)
The 3rd time was the charm. Mizuno returned to a more traditional looking running shoe and I found the fit in the upper spot on for me.  Seeing previews of the Sayo 3 I put them on my wish list and  copted a pair once they were released.

U4ic is a lightweight midsole that provides optimal shock absorption
While most brands were moving toward a Flyknit Fitknit synthetic or heat welded uppers, Mizuno decided to go for a retro look-perhaps it was an ode to the OG Precision.  In any event that may have contributed to hot feeling some wearers complained about, I didn't find the Sayo3 any hotter than other shoes in my rotation.  The open mesh upper is lined with a wicking fabric to prevent debris from entering and spoiling your run. 

X10 in the heel and Blow rubber in the forefoot increases cushioning and responsiveness 
The Runbird is intergraded on the medial and lateral side to help lock your foot in place.  Even with the stitching on the uppers I found the uppers to be free from any hotspots and I wore them with and without socks.  

The sole of the Sayo 3 still incorporates Mizuno's U4ic material there's just more of it underfoot, which gives it a slightly cushioned feel.

AIRmesh cover the heel and Open mesh in the forefoot provides exceptional breathability
The Sayo 3 sits perfectly between the Hitogami and Wave Rider and  it's versatile enough to be used as a daily trainer tempo or long runs.  I used the Sayo 3 during my Fall Marathon Season, tossing everything at em from track work to long runs and wasn't disappointed.  If you prefer a firmer feel underfoot you'll definitely notice the difference between the earlier iterations. 

Dynamotion Fit creates optimal fit in the forefoot
However, the Sayo 3 is still responsive enough when you pick up the speed.  IMO the Sayo3 is comparable to Launch2-(full review here) Vazee Pace-(full review here) and Pegasus-(full review here) in terms of price point versatility and weight-the pace is slightly lighter than the Peg and Sayo3.  Overall I'm pleased with the Mizuno's update. 


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