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Monday, October 20, 2014

Skechers GO Meb Speed 2 Review

The Go Meb Speed 2 is not a new shoe on the market, however it is new to me.  After hearing rumblings about the GRS 2 in running forums I became interested seeing what all the "fuss" was about.  

Since none of my LRS carried the shoe my only alternative was to purchase it online so I delayed checking out the GRS 2.  I had all but given up on the shoe until I received an email from Fleet Feet Sports saying they were teaming up with Skechers to bring the shoes to the NU Hartford Marathon Expo.  

Stripped Down racing flat

There are some shoes you try on and nothing special happens and then there are times when you are intrigued and your head tilts to the side in amazement-the latter is describes the fit of the GRS 2.
Sliding my foot in the shoe felt like it was vacuumed sealed, snug not tight more of a tailored fitted suit as opposed to one fresh off the rack.

Secure Heel Counter offers a no slip comfortable feeling
The GO Meb Speed to is a racing flat build to the specifications of Meb.  I found it fitted in all of the right places from toe box to heel counter.  Lacing up the shoe I immediately noticed a secure feeling in the heel counter with the microfiber fabric which Skechers uses it locks your heel in place.

Honeycomb Light breathable Mesh Upper

The uppers on the GRS 2 feature welded overlays, honeycomb breathable mesh and flat laces that stayed tied during your runs.  Skechers doesn't use a traditional EVA material in the sole which has been the industry standard for decades instead they use a proprietary Resalyte Midsole

High Abrasion Strategic Pod Sensors 

According to the Skechers website Resalyte is a lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention that helps absorb impact.  The sole also features a DuPont Hytrel stability plate in the midfoot for a supportive and secure run.  The GRS 2 is a netural shoe despite the use of support and stability verbiage.

Firm Fast Responsive Ride
I resisted the urge to run the NU Hartford Marathon in the GRS 2 but, I've logged several miles and different workouts since my rainy marathon in preparation for MCM and I've been impressed with the ride.  The GO Meb Speed 2 is a low profile racing flat with a 4mm drop and firm ride.

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Running in the shoe felt great the GRS 2 is lightweight and offers a fast turnover.  I was able to consistently hit an avg 180spm maxing out at 190spm, compared to two other runs before Hartford-the Hoka Clifton and Adidas Boston Boost V5 were the shoes worn in the comparison workouts.  The GRS 2 provided the fastest time by a minute.

Mstrike Midsole promotes a mid foot landing and fast turnover

With MCM on the horizon I was curious to see if anyone ran a marathon in the GO Meb Speed 2 beside Meb, so I posed the question to the Running Shoe Geeks and few of them took the GRS the distance-comments ranged from Great to Excellent.  Seth and Bill actually PR'd in Boston last Spring.  "Best marathon shoe I've ever ran in" according to Seth, Bill said "Never thought about my feet during the race".  I'll be sure to share my feedback after MCM.  If you are in the market for a racing flat consider the GRS 2, Skechers nailed it with the Go Meb Speed 2.


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