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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saucony Zealot Review

Dating back to the days when my mother would buy my kicks off the rack at Woolworth, to when we finally upgraded to shopping off the tables at Models downtown Brooklyn till now-I've had some peculiar peccadilloes when it came to sneakers.  One of the first things I noticed was how a sneaker felt underfoot when I slipped it on and the second thing I peeped was how it looked when I stared at them while standing up-were they symmetrical or irregular a rubber feeling like a pair of Pro Keds or plastic like a pair of rejects-the latter came with its own street commercial.  "Rejects they make you feet feel fine, rejects cost a $1.99".  What I wouldn't give to pay a buck ninety nine for a pair of running shoes today. 

Running outdoors in the Zealot and BreakThru during the freezing temps in New England was reminiscent of wearing a pair of rejects growing up.  Taking them indoors on the treadmill and indoor track provided a different feeling.  The Zealot is the second single released from Saucony's ISOfit classic album.

Enhanced PWRGRID+ platform provides 20% more cushioning
Mark Johnson with Saucony stopped into Holbird Sports to give a brief overview of the Zealot check to the video below.  If you have 20min swing by Gerist for an extended review.

The Zealot was one of the shoes on my bucket list this year after experiencing success with the Triumph ISO-(my review here) I was willing to give Zealot the nod.  Sam provided a sneak peak in August from Outdoor Retailer 2014-(his review here)  As you know I'm a sucker for a bright shoe and the Orange Zealot screamed for a home but, I went with grey colorway to hide the dirt from the  winter slush.  Peter scored an Viziglo Orange colorway  and shared his thoughts on the Zealot-(his review here)

4mm Offset
The Upper

I alluded to my impressions on the Zealot's upper during my review of the BreakThru-(my review here)  While I was a fan of the ISOfit Technology on the Triumph, I was particularly impressed with the fit and feel of the upper-I don't why Saucony didn't just use the same material and sizing principle it, would have made for a better fitting shoe for me.  Thomas over at Believe in The Run wasn't a fan of the fit of upper either-(his review here)  If you have a wider foot your toes will appreciate the spare room in the toebox. 

Heel Stack Height 25mm Forefoot Stack Height 21
Fit and Feel

When I laced up the Zealot in search of the ideal feel before my runs and I look down at the puckering and was time hopped  to Brooklyn with my rejects.  Once I was locked loaded and stood up I loved the little bump I felt under my arch.  The Zealot weighs in at 8.3oz but it has a light feeling and is the quintessential oxymoron with a unique combination of cushioned firmness.  I enjoyed the flexible feeling in the forefoot.   

Support Frame add structure and support the heel

ISOFIT provides stabilizing support while adapting to the movement of the runner's foot
Enhanced PWRGRID+ platform provides 20% more cushioning and better druability than previous versions
Support Frame adds structure and support in the heel

Shoe Category: Neutral
Pronation: Neutral
Cushion: Plush
Construction Type: Natural Motion
Surface: Road, Track
Arch: High, Normal (Mid), Low
Water Resistant: No
Waterproof: No
Offset: 4mm
Heel Stack Height: 25mm
Forefoot Stack Height: 21mm

ISOFIT provides stabilizing support while adapting to the movement of the runner's foot
The Zealot has a firmer ride than the Kinvara 5 and a quicker feel than the Triumph.  Saucony left 2014 with their jaw dropping Triumph and kicked  open the doors to 2015 waving two smash hits.  It will be interesting to see how the Zealot and BreakThru are received by runners this season and beyond.  If you're adamant and passionate about getting the most out your runs the Zealot may just be the shoe for you swing by your LRS or shop online either way #findyourstrong 



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