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Monday, June 15, 2015

NB 1400V3 Shoe Review

To quote Mike one of my RSG friends "The 1400V2 is a staple of any runner's rotation"  So when I saw them on clearance in Bob's Sports this winter I decided to give em a try and was hooked after my first run.  I immediately saw the allure after my indoor track workout.  

The 1400V2 was a simple racing flat with a cult like following, folks swear by this shoe.  Simple elegant design with a honeycomb mesh upper, the only complaint about the shoe was its abrasive internal upper and NB resolved that issue with the update-(it's nice when brands listen).

Simple Elegant Update
Most of the changes to 1400 were in the upper the sole seems to be unchanged.  NB smoothed out the  internal feel of the shoe, so if you're inclined to go sockless you should be fine.


Here's what Road Runner Sports says about the 1400V3:
  • REVlite midsole: Offers a lightweight ride without minimizing construction or sacrificing underfoot cushioning or stability.
  • New synthetic/mesh upper:  Tigheter mesh than the previous version for a secure, yet barely there fit.
  • Blown-Rubber Outsole.
  • No-Sew Material Application.
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 10mm.
  • Weight: 6.5oz

New Synthetic/Mesh Upper
Although I consider myself a Sneakerholic, I wasn't really a fan of NB.  In High School I purchased a pair from Paragon Sports in NYC but, when I started running they weren't my first option for a running shoe.

I'm not a bandwagon runner so when there's a lot of hype about a shoe you won't find me sitting outside my LRS waiting for it to be released.  Yeah I'll admit it they're some kicks I drool over because something about it speaks to me. 

A few sales reps from my LRS suggested the 1400 a couple of years ago but, I wasn't ready physically to run in the 1400 and to be honest it didn't speak to me.  When I looked at the 1400 it didn't appear to have enough cush in the forefoot for me especially after running in traditional high mileage trainers.  I've grown and gotten a little stronger as a runner and this has allowed me to run in a variety of low profile kicks such as the Hitogami 2, Adios 2, Sacouny Fastwitch7 and Brook T7.  

The Sole on the 1400V3 Appears Identical to its Predecessor  
After logging over 50 miles on both kicks I'm glad I took Mike up on his recommendation and added the 1400's to my collection.  The 1400V3 may not be the best looking shoe on the market but it's not the worst either, the (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)is.  You decide :-).

A Peek inside reveals changes in the tongue upper/sockliner

New tighter mesh fabric on the Upper/Sockliner improved the comfort of the 1400V3
The bottom line is the shoe works and works well period.  At 6.5oz with a 10mm drop the 1400 rides well and offers additional cush in the heel for the latter half of a marathon when your form may breakdown and you start to heel strike. 


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